Thursday, February 01, 2007

Let's get started! (New info added)

ETA: Ann is trying to finish a hand quilting project (WOW!) right now, so she won't be able to start right away. She is going to use Zephyr in white.

Gail started the project 5 months ago and now has 5 more tiers to go. She is using basil green Zephyr in cone, so the project is limited to be a home project. I think she has been doing something we are all going to do: "This pattern is so beautiful and I just drool whenever I spread out my progress and look at the stole thus far."

So it seems Zephyr is the one most favourite yarn among us. I think it would just be spectacular when we put the photos of our stoles, all in various colours, together! So, Happy knitting and wonderful weekend, everyone. :)

After such long waiting, the KAL finally and officially started. I started after midnight last night ... well, kind of ... as a gesture, you know. I casted on and knitted 3 rows of seed stitch border and decided that it was time to go to bed. But I know that some of you have made much more progress than me already.

Alison is using an alpaca silk blend from Webs in forest green. She started the project back in July 2006 and it soon became an UFO. To prepare for the KAL, she dug the project out and here it is:
It is lovely, Alison ... keep the needles working!

Anita is also using an alpaca silk blend from Webs but in creamy white.

Barbara is going to use Zephyr either in jade green or aegean blue ... both are gorgeous colours.

Carine joined the KAL for moral support while she is already on Tier 5 of the stole ... I think we can all give her some cheers on this. She is using KnitPicks Alpaca Clouds in a creamy white colour.

Colette has been impatient and started already (we can all understand that, Colette!) and is now on Tier 7! Wow! Impressive progress:
She is using Zephyr in jade and KnitPicks Options needles. She found the sharp points of the needles make the nupps a breeze ... that's good news to me.

Dallas is still in the process of deciding on the yarn ... a process she told me she enjoyed ... good for you, Dallas.

Dawn has made a swatch using a heavy lace in blue from Colourmart UK:
But then she bought another cone of thinner lace from the same seller in a lighter blue ... which one is she going to use?

Dorothy is using Zephyr in Ladyslipper, a pretty pink/rose color. Actually she started a day before and is now on the base triangles. For those of you who are not sure if you understand the pattern, here is what Dorothy has to say, "I'm on the base triangles and it's
making perfect sense. Just have to follow the directions!"

Heidi is using a 50/50 silk/merino blend called Solsilke in natural colour, but she is considering to dye the yarn into purple or burgundy.

Janette will be using Zephyr in white. She has also kindly given me a good tip in knitting with black lace - keeping a white towel on the lap to provide contrast! What an intelligent trick ... thanks, Janette.

Janina is waiting for a back order of Artisan Lace by Margaret Stowe (lovely!) before she can start.

Julia is using Briggs & Little 1 ply wool in washed white.

Katrina is going to use KnitPicks Alpaca Clouds in peppermint pink for her second stole.

Finally, our other hostess, Debi, is feeling a little bit under the weather today and she may not be able to start. Let's all wish her a quick recovery!


La said...

Debi: Get better soon! I can't start today either. My needles suck and I have to go get better ones. Looks like I'll be starting sometime next week.

Anonymous said...

Any decision about which yarn you'll use? I ordered the same weights and will have the same decision to make. I'm looking for a light delicate look. Thoughts?