Thursday, February 01, 2007

Neither rain nor snow nor sickness.......

Could keep me from posting our FPS beginnings! Good thing is still have my sense of humor from my deathbed. :)

Ok enough hyperbole, let's get to the good stuff!

Valerie has chosen her yarn, swatched and finally the perfect needles have arrived but she’s busy designing a sock right now and she’s torn between sock design and FPS! Which will win?

Laura’s chosen her beautiful yarn but the needles on hand leave something to be desired so she's off to the LYS for new ones and will be starting soon.

Rebekah is super organized and ready to rock and roll! Look she’s even got a cute little container for her pretty gray yarn!

Peggy originally started in 2002 when the pattern came out but she wasn’t thrilled with her progress…..she’s frogged her first attempt and she’s ready to try again with a lot more experience under her belt!

Leslie has her yarn and has gotten gauge to perfection but she’s not really happy with her needles. She feels she’ll be happier with bamboo but she does love her yarn! Show us what that pretty Lettuce alpaca looks like grrlfriend!

Linda’s using some stunning pink alpaca called Rosebud, perfect for February, the month of love!

Poor contaminated Kris She’s swatched with her gorgeous autumn colored yarn but her little girl is sick which makes seed stitch on tiny needles next to impossible! Feel better soon AG, and stay healthy Kris!

Melissa got an early start but realized that she doesn’t have enough yarn. She's planning on a smaller shawl to accommodate the yarn she has and will make a shawl that will be more wearable for her!

Melissa had a bit of a hairy start but she's calm and collected once again! We know you can do it Melissa!

A great beginning ladies, I can't wait to see everyone's progress shots!


Rebekah said...

Go team Go, Go team Go. Oh wait this isn't a competition, hee hee.

Nice to know where everyone is at. Can't wait to see everyone's progress.

Hope you feel better Debi.

La said...

I hope you're feeling better, Deb!

I went and checked out our team's blogs, what a great group of knitters!

Heather said...

Oh is it too late to join this? I only found you all yesterday and immediately ordered the pattern, and my yarns and needles.
I'm a seriously advanced beginner I like to think. I learned to knit last June and have gone from "If I don't learn this time, I'm never touching the needles again!" to sweaters, socks, and was going to start a lace scarf from
But this looks SO cool! I ordered Maple Leaf Shimmer from knitpicks(I just ador the colors in it and they sounded so yummy for a Forest path ANYTHING!) I'll be a week behind but I'd love to join in!
My knitting blog(new one) is

Agnes said...

Hi Heather, you are most welcome to join. I have added your name and link to the sidebar ... you're in my group. Don't worry about being late, just start when you are ready ... and send me any progress or photo whenever you have any. Have fun!

alltangledup said...

i feel so far behind. I've swatched with my possum merino lace and don't like it. It's too 'furry', so I think that I'm going to have to buy something before I can start. It'll be a toss up on the misti alpaca or the jaggerspun zephyr. Thoughts?

Agnes said...

I haven't worked with misti alpaca but the Zephyr is just lovely to work with. :)

Debi said...

Polly, Zephyr seems to be the favorite of our participants but quite a few are using the alpaca I guess it comes down to $$$! Or you could go HUGE bucks and use Handmaiden Lace Silk like me :)