Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Hiya group-

This was a correspondance that took place between Melanie and myself tonight. She asked me to post it to see if anyone else was having the same difficulties and to prevent anyone that hasn't started yet from having them....


Here ya go Melanie! I'm gonna go post this too so we can get additional feedback from the group!

HI Debbie, It's DEBI actually :)
First off I am so sorry that you had to frog your shawl. How heartbreaking! But, I think you will be happier in the long run. thanks for your support!! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!
Second, I am having difficulty with the pattern. I bought mine individually from the Alpaca Yarn Co..and I think it has some errata. Did you check the alpaca site for errata, you might also send them an email if it's not posted!
For example, on the last row of the lower border it has an additional (K6;K2tog) twice. I know that is a mistake because that would require 16 extra stitches totalling 157 stitches..and there are only 141 stitches for the row.

So now, I am working on the bottom triangles. The first triangle has you start on a WS row. On the WS rows you slip 1 wyf, purl, purl 2 togs, and do the M1's. On the RS rows, you slip wyb, knit (or moss stitch.), and thats it.
Ok, so now I am on the 2nd triangle and this is what the pattern says to do.

Row 1 (RS) Sl1 wyb; m1 (2 sts for the 2nd triange; 20 sts are left for 1st triangle) turn.
Row 2: Sl1 wyf; p2tog (2 sts): turn. Ok as far as I can see your pattern is wrong! for the base triangles ALL odd rows should be on the WS and you start each triangle on the WS!!

Ok that part is clear..I am guessing that my m1's will now be on the right side rows, and now my decreases will be k2 tog instead of purl 2 tog..or are the decreases still on the WS of the work?? YES, the decreases (p2 tog) will all be on the WS

But then after these 2 rows of instructions, this is what the pattern says.

"Work as the first triangle starting with Row 3 until you have 21 sts on the needle and proceed to next triangle."

So..according to what I just did (see pattern above) row 3 should now be a RS row..but if I follow the first triange instructions row 3 looks like this: No, your pattern is wrong, ALL ODD ROWS WILL START ON THE WS!

Row 3:Sl1 wyf; m1; p2tog (3 sts) turn

and then row 4: Sl1 wyb; k2; turn

The above 2 rows are correct according to my pattern but again row 3 should be a WS row

See? my RS/WS rows are switched...and I am decreasing on the RS (and into the first triangle).

I am not sure what to do..I have done a smidgen of entrelac before, but this is a little "chewey" for me.

I am wondering if you or anyone else in the KAL has noticed this (has the single pattern) and know how to fix it? Or maybe could explain how to do it correctly? It's very odd, beacuse others are using the pattern from the Alpaca company yet I haven't heard of this error before. Vicki did note the discrepancy with the border like you so maybe some patterns have been corrected and some not?

Could you maybe post this? I would have but I cannot..=( I will after I send it back to you!

I am now worried that there will be more errata in my pattern. I have barely gotten started and have already found 2 mistakes. GRRRR!

Thanks! =)

P.S. there is also a possibility that maybe the pattern is correct here..and I am a big dodo head..but I am quite confused no matter what! =) You're not the dodo, don't worry :)

Hope this helps!!! Debi

Any comments? Anyone else having any difficulties? Jump in ladies! Thx!!


Melanie said...

Hey, it's me again! =)
After our conversations tonight I have looked over the pattern, and it seems to be a real mess.
It continues to talk about having 21 stitches..including when I get to the Right side triangle.
I am thoroughly exasperated!
I just bought this pattern a month ago, so I don't understand how it has so much errata in it???
I guess I was just lucky and got a "special" copy.
So, anyone know how/where I can obtain a copy of the correct pattern?
Or does anyone have an IK Summer 2003 they would be willing to sell me?
Or is anyone really, really patient and willing to help me muddle through this pattern piece by piece to correct the mistakes? =)
I just don't think I have the brain power to tackle an errata riddled lace and entrelac pattern right now on my own.

Yosemite said...

There are errors in the pattern from The Alpaca Yarn co. Aside from the ones you mentioned the symbol for k3tog isn't in my symbols key. The Birch Leaves chart is wrong on the final right side row. I believe it should be sl wyb, k9, sl1, k2tog, psso, k6, k2tog, k2. Unless I am nuts my chart shows k10 etc. and then k8 before the k2tog. I just changed it on my chart.

I checked their site for errata and I didn't find anything. I was very disappointed because I would have thought since this was a reprint from the IK the errors would have been corrected.

I can't think of any other errors that are not mentioned thus far.

Vicki said...

Hi, I had the same trouble too. I fudged the triangles. I did an extra row till I was on the wrong side and continued on from there. I just kept fudging till it seemed right. Then after that I decided my yarn looked awful in the pattern. Yes there are lots of errors in this pattern.

2trees said...

I'm stuck on the first row of triangles too. I've only done the garterlac dishcloth, but clearly th directions won't give you the base triangles that you need. I bought the pattern from the company, and it's exactly the same as Melanie's. We need to make up our own pattern errata page!

Melanie said...

Hi again,
Debi said I should post here, so that's what I am doing. =)
I got a reply from the Alpaca Yarn Co, as well as the designer.
the designer has this to say:
Dear Melanie,
Beth Lutz of Alpaca Yarn Company forwarded me your message with your notes on the errors in the Forest Path pattern. Thank you very much for pointing my attention in this direction. I would like to try to make things clear for you.

>The first mistake was in the lower border on the last round. There is an extra (K6, K2tog) twice at the end of the row. This would mean 16 extra >stitches= 157 rows instead of the 141 rows the pattern calls for.

Yes, here is a mistake. This (K6, K2tog) twice at the end of the row are really extras. Just do not work it, ignore it. The goal of these decreases is to have 20 stitches for every bottom triangle and 15 stitches for each side border. You need extra stitches for the bottom and top border so it will stretch together with the lace part of the shawl. At the end of this row you will have 15 stitches for border, 20 stitches for every bottom triangle, 15 stitches for border, total 130 stitches.

>The next mistake is in the bottom triangles. The first triangle is correct, except for the last part which states:

>Next row: Sl1 wyf; Work in seed stitch; P2tog at the end of the row (21 stitch); Turn

>If I turn then my 2nd triangle will not work out.

Here is no mistake. You have to turn and start your second and all next triangles on the RS row.

>Then you have Row 1 of the second triangle as the RS of the work, Row 2 being the WS..and then the pattern says:

>Work as the first triangle starting with Row 3..well if I did that I would be working a WS row on the RS.

Yes, this is confusing. Let us do Row 1 as Set up (RS) row and then Row 2 will be Row 1 and it will WS row and all odd numbered rows will be WS. Hope, it will solve the problem.

The goal of these maneuvers is to have a chain of stitches to run uninterrupted along the bottom border. In the Interweave Knits printing, this part of the pattern was was simplified by technical editor and if you follow IK pattern you will have this chain of stitches interrupted between triangles.

Thank you so much for knitting my pattern, I appreciate your notes.

So it sounds like we have two versions of the shawl being knitted here. Thus Debi's and my confusion over the pattern.
I think I "get it", hope this helps all fo you.

Heather said...

Okay so if I am reading the notes from Alpaca Yarn COmpany right, then in the pattern we ahve, (RS) Row 1 is a set up row, then we start on Row 1 of the original triangle? I am SO confused! I have my base re-done and I have the first triangle done and it looks BEAUTIFUL! I LOVe the maple leaf so far!

Debi said...

Ok Heather, now I'm *completely* discombobulated - are you confusing triangles with your lace "unit" and to what maple leaves do you refer? My pattern has birch leaves, fern leaves and lily of the valley!!

If we are gonna help each other we all need to speak the same language, n'est ce pas? heh!

According to the IK pattern the parts of the stole are:
Lower border
Base triangles
Right side triangles
Tiers 1 thru 23 containing lace "unit"
Left side triangles
Top triangles
Right border
Left border
Top border

It seems there is more than a little confusuion and discrepancy between the IK pattern and possible different printings of the Alpaca Co. version. Making sure we all use the same vernacular when trying to help each other will cut down on some of the confusion, I hope!

And frankly, I know if I had purchased the pattern from the Alpaca Co. with so many errors and NO ERRATA PAGE I would email them and demand that they(in conjunction with the designer) post a page ASAP!!!

Melanie said...

Me again,
So yeah, I can be a bit of a pest when I want to be. But darn if I am going to spend $6 on a pattern, and not be able to make it because it has mistakes and is unclear.
I wrote back to the designer because I was still having a problem with the base triangles as well.
Now this I think I understand. Hope it helps all of you with The Alpaca Co pattern.

Dear Melanie,

Let us write it like this:

Set up row for the second and all next triangles (RS): sl1wyb; m1; turn. Now you have 20 stitches for the first triangle and 2 stitches for the second triangle.
Row 1(WS): sl1 wyf; p2tog (2 sts); turn.
Row 2 (RS): sl1 wyb; k1; turn. You still have 2 stitches.
Row 3 (WS): work as for the first triangle and continue from this row as for the first triangle.

I understand, that having two different versions of the same pattern is a little confusing, but it was the only way I could make the pattern available for the knitters. My contract with IK was that I can publish the pattern six moth after IK issue was released, but not in the form as it appeared in the IK. I am very grateful to Beth Lutz from Alpaca Yarn Company for publishing my own files.


All of us who bought the pattern from Alpaca Co should have the same copy of the pattern, and all who have the magazine have a different there is 2 variations.
The pattern I have will have an "uninterrupted chain stitch" between the base triangles and the border. Where as those that have the magazine version will also have a chain stitch, but it will be interrupted between triangles.
I think with this updated info I can get past the triangle bit.
But never fear, If I come across more mistakes later in the pattern, you better be sure I will let you all know, and ask the designer about it if I can't figure it out. (ALthough so many of you seem way far ahead of me =) )

melissa said...

Oh, well this explains a LOT! I have the pattern from Alpaca Yarn Company. I've done enough entrelac before, that when I got to the second triangle, and the instructions were wonky, I just ignored them and did what I knew how to do. Guess I better fix the pattern if I ever get the urge to try to make this again!

Thanks, Debi, for posting about the errata. I may just email Alpaca Yarn and see when they're coming out with an errata sheet.

Heather said...

I got them! The BASE triangles confused me with the new instructions from the Alpaca Yarn Co. But I muddled through and they look gorgeous! I made my own modifications though, so I have a stockinette stitch for the base triangles, but I LOVE the way it looks! BTW-Maple leaf is the color of my yarn. LOL
And I got through the first diamond(ferns) and it's gorgeous. I started the BL square, but realized Iw as tired when my YO got muddled in with the nupps. And the nupps aren't hard at all, if you follow I can't remember who's suggestion of making the nupps MUCH looser than you would expect to. They are SO pretty! But I had to frog the BL square, and gave up for the night. I'll tackle it again today and hopefully will finish at least the first tier. I'll be working on this one all year I think! Perhaps I'll get faster as I learn the charts better. I can't imagine memorizing them! I did get a magnetic board holder and that helps immensly for a first time chart lace maker.
I do think that the pattern is going to get lost a bit in the yarn, but I am going to finish it just for the fact that I adore the way the colors pool.
I am so glad I found this KAL and I am even MORE glad that I asked to jump in! It's SO fun!