Saturday, December 15, 2007

The last update of the year....

Heather is making some serious progress. Have a peek:

Heather's made it to tier 12, w00t! Of all the FPS, I love this orange one so much, I can't wait to see it finished...almost there Heather, knit on!!

Wow, our first bi-colored FPS is making an appearance thanks to Tia!

Look at how pretty...

So that's the last update for 2007....Happy Healthy Holidays and Happy New Year and see you 2008!!

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Preparing for Christmas

Stepping into the month of December, I think many of you are starting your gift projects, right? Heather sure is, so her FPS would be put into the backseat.

Though Polly is now in the ON HOLD group, she hasn't given up yet. While sorting out her WIPs, she has decided to keep her FPS ... which is currently at tier 17. That's great, Polly. Can't wait to see you finish off the remaining 6 tiers ... just 6, you sure can do it.

Believe it or not, we have another new member, Tia. She is from Oahu, Hawaii. She just casted on using Cascade Venezia Worsted in a brown colour (124) and Addi Lace Needle US6. It would be interesting to see the stole in a heavier yarn.

That's about it for today. Wish you all a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hello everyone! How did the trick-or-Treating go last night? I hope everybody had fun. It's another new month and here comes the update.

::drum rolls:: I am proud to introduce Dorothy's pink FPS to you:Isn't that gorgeous? Great job, Dorothy!

So, who else is still knitting? Quite a few. This is Heather's at Tier 10:while Micky has started Tier 6:I keep thinking when finished, Micky's FPS would be like a rainbow hanging over the forest! :D Last but not the least, Leigha has made it to Tier 4 and the stole is starting to take shape.

That's about it for this round of update. Another update would be coming up on the 15th, so if you make any progress in your FPS, remember to post on your blogs or give Debi or me a shout. Happy Knitting.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Movement but not so much in the finishing direction!

Another 2 weeks, another update so here we go...

Dorothy is making real progress! She's on her last 2 tiers and then just the border to go! YAY Dorothy! Now go see what knitting rock star our Dorothy has been hanging out with!

Carine Opal Polly and Wendy have been moved to "ON HOLD" status cause we haven't heard a peep about your progress in well over a month! No pressure ladies, work at your own pace, but Agnes and I decided if we hadn't gotten any updates in more than a month, we would change your status so we wouldn't keep bugging you for updates!

See ya in 2 weeks!

Monday, October 01, 2007

Are you still knitting?

It has been quite some time since the KAL started, some of us have finished and some have discovered that the stole was not for them. Sometimes I feel that it is a legitimate question to ask, "Are you still knitting (on the FPS)?"

Well, I am happy to tell you that the answer is definitely positive! Without giving much detail, Carine let us know that she is still working on hers. We hope a photo is on its way!

Denise's FPS has grown to Tier 25. Yes, she added 4 more tiers to make it to her desired length. She should be working on the border now, which she decided to dropped the method in the pattern. Instead she would pick up stitches and knit the seed stitch. Let's see how that would turn out.

Busy gal Heather is making slow progress:Keep going, Heather, even if it is one row at a time. You are doing great.

Leigha has switched her project to the KnitPicks Harmony needles. It seems that she loves the wooden needles more:She is now at Tier 3.

Micky's multi-colored FPS never stops to amaze me with its color changes:Lovely, isn't it? Half way through Tier 5 already!

And of course, we have Dawn's FPS modeled shot this time:You can see more photos in her blog.

But of course, there are still some of you who are in a somewhat limbo, like Janina, who emailed me this:

"Hello, Agnes and everyone. Janina here, having recently picked up knitting needles after a busy summer. There has been knitting, honest. I finished a modular knitted stole, an Iris Schrier design, for my MIL. Now her shoulders can stay warm in the air conditioning.

I re-knit my first sock. I am up to the exciting heel turn part. The first time I knit this sock, it came out big enough for Sasquatch. It's looking more human-sized this time.

But the beauteous, the awe-inspiring, Forest Path Stole? Not even swatched. I could not explain my reluctance. I tune in for the updates on the KAL page. I revel in the progress reports and in the glorious Finished Photos. But beginning my own has a decidedly "meh" factor. I finally, after much stash-and-navel gazing, figured it out.

It's the yarn. It's not perfect. I have in my stash Cherry Tree Hill alpaca in Birches. Too many color changes, not enough yardage, and besides, that is slated for Kiri.
I have a large amount of Zephyr in Blueberry. A forest motif in denim blue doesn't seem right. I bought more Zephyr, in vanilla. A good plain, go-with-everything shade that will showcase the exquisite lace work. Utterly logical and reasonable choice, I had a hard time explaining to myself (after the package came in the mail) that it wasn't quite ....right.

I am a very emotional and intuitive person. When I think of the Forest Path, when I look at the motifs, the first thing I see is birch leaves against a blue spring sky. And then, lily of the valley, the shade of the new shoots deepened by shadows and earth. How can I find a yarn that perfectly expresses that? To further complicate things, green is a color I do not wear easily, and do not have much of it in my wardrobe. Yet, green it must be. Not too emerald, not new-leaf green, not yellow toned at all... only the perfect green will do. The stole is flatly refusing to even consider anything else.

I have googled and searched for so long, but I need help. I need the perfect color. A blue-toned green, perhaps a "near solid" type of hand paint? I greatly admire the JoJoLand Harmony that Mickey is using, and her nearly-solid green is so close, but ultimately too balanced green a green. If there were a yarn with a looong color change into a sky blue here and there, well that would be just IT, you know?

Does this yarn exist? I know working with a yarn artist is possible, but budget is an unfortunate shackle here. All comments gratefully accepted.

Janina in Canada, where it is getting cold enough to think of shawls on a daily basis"

Any thoughts and ideas to share?

P.S. I must apologize to Debi for not forwarding the updates to her last month since I was caught in my Mother-in-Law's visit ... I didn't even realize it was time for the update until she has left! :P

Saturday, September 15, 2007

One is the lonliest number

Cause our lone update is from Dawn!

Dawn has finally blocked her gorgeous FPS! Isn't it a beauty?

We're still waiting on a modeling shot! Come on Dawn, show us the glamor!!

Hopefully with the onset of fall, those unloved FPS of our other FPS-ers will jump back to the head of the queue and cross the FO finish line!

Til October, enjoy your Indian Summer and happy fall!

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Hello everyone. I think I'll save the small talk (which I am not very good at, BTW) and dive right into the updates, what do you say?

Dawn's FPS was off the needle! All she needs are some spare time and spare floor space for the blocking.

Denise has been spending some quality time with her FPS on the beach:She is getting really really close to finishing up with the border. Go, Denise, go!

Heather has the latest picture of her beautiful Campfire Heather FPS:
The colour changes in Micky's FPS still amazes me:She is starting Tier 4 now.

Wendy is determined not to start the FPS until after she has 2 UFOs finished, but she is planning to use Jade Sapphire Lacey Lamb in Champagne.

That's about it for this update. Now you can go and enjoy the sun and warmth while the day is still long. Wish you all a wonderful Labour Day Weekend.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Despite the heat, we have progress!

Such dedicated FPS -ers!!

Dawn was *this close* to being finished in her August 3rd update, see....

She MUST be finished by now - come on girl, show us the FO!!!

She claims to be on tier 4 but Heather, we're a visual group here. We need pics!

Micky has been busy despite the heat!

She's made some progress on her lovely FPS

And she's making pretty squares and scrolls for future afghans to be!

Polly has been all about the baby knitting so she hasn't given her FPS any love BUT she's celebrating a blog birthday with a contest so go wish her a happy one!

That's it for August, see you in September!

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Half-year Anniversay

Six months ago, Debi and I started this KAL, thinking it would be fun to have a cozy little group to knit along. By its Half-Year Anniversay, 9 of us have finished this gorgeous stole and many of you are still working diligently on it. Although quite a number have given up or put the project on hold, knitting is not always about finishing ... more often, it is about exploring and self-discovering. So, even if you eventually found that despite its beauty, you didn't really enjoy the knitting ... or even hated working on it (like Laura), we are still happy that being in the KAL helps pushing you towards the realization.

To celebrate the KAL being half-year old, we have Lois's finished stole:It is waiting to be block ... but its beauty is already obvious. I think we are all eager to see it in its full glory, Lois.

After a long absence, Carine finally re-joined the group and she is working on Tier 6 right now.

Frequent flyer Denise is on Tier 17 ... getting really close!
Can you believe that Heather has to give up the beautiful white stole (11 tiers done) because her new dog loved this project so much that it chewed a big hole out of it ... despite the fact that she managed to salvage it from her kids, who, by the way, were ecstatic to find Mom's knitting out in the open? I think she definitely deserves a huge hug! ::group hug time:: And she has started the project A THIRD TIME!Isn't the KnitPicks Shadow in Campfire Heather beautiful? Heather, I pray that you would sail through without any hiccups this time.

Opal is planning to pick up her FPS again right after the Mystery Stole 3. She is on Tier 14 and naturally she doesn't want to give up.

Polly estimated that she had 50 UFOs ::gasp:: ... but the fact that she put her FPS on the top of her UFOs parade does tell us something ... I think she has the potential and the determination to finish it.

Last but not least, we have another new gal joining us. Wendy is working on Norah Gaughan's Vintage Pink Cardigan ... she is hoping to start her FPS after the sweater. We would love to hear from you soon, Wendy.

Now, champagne, everyone?

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Has it been another month already?

Why, yes it sure has and some FPS-ers have been quite busy!!

Dawn's feeling quite successful. She's made it to tier 19!!

Blogless Denise/CT is working hard! She's on tier 15! You may not have a blog but PLEASE keep sending us those pics Denise!

Even tho she's made it past tier 16 and it's gorgeous, Dorothy seems to be a bit distracted with killer sales and lots of other projects!

Katherine's been a busy woman and look how it's paid off.....She's FINISHED!! WOOT!

And doesn't it look lovely on her!

Heather's making tons of progress, she's on tier 9 and plans a November completion date!

Yooo Hoooo Laura??? Come in Laura!! We miss you!!

Wow! Lois is managing a tier a day and is already past tier 15!! Go Speed Knitter! Go!

Micky's got a healthy start and dontcha love how her yarn changes color with each lace unit? Plus she took some time out to make some way cool knitted toys, go have a peek!

Hey there Polly, your FPS seems to have gone the way of Laura's and not a nupp has been heard from in over a month!! Come back to us Polly, come back!!

Another beautiful stole completed, YAY!!! Regina has finished her beautiful buttery stole!!

She even got her adorable niece to model it.

And here's another finished FPS!! Rochelle finished a little bit ago but we finally get to see those glorious blocked shots!

She's a beauty Rochelle!!

Thus ends another month in our FPS saga.

See ya in August! :)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Some ends, some beginnings

Hello everybody! I've been waiting to write this first update after the blog's little vacation. There have been quite some exciting developments. So, let's not waste time and go right in.

We have 4 more finishers added to the list:
Cheryl and her beautiful black stole

Gail loves her green FPS and thinks it's a good reason
to dine out in a good restaurant

Valerie looks elegant with her green stole

Rochelle, we are waiting to see your stole blocked and modelled in its full beauty. :D

They will be joined by Katherine and Regina very soon. Both are working on the finishing borders. Katherine sets her target finishing date before July 20 so that she can wear it to her new job.

And there are new members joining us too. Colleen started the project in May 2005 and felt that she can use some encouragement from us to help her knit along. She is using Suri Alpaca in soft gray and is on Tier 12 right now. Lois just joined us but she is already on Tier 15 (she can get 1 tier a day! Super Knitter!) ... well done, Lois! Keep knitting at this speed and we'll have to add you to the finisher list very soon:
Micky is another new girl. She is using JoJoland Harmony variegated lace (HC05) with Clover bamboo needles in US#3. The variegated yarn is going to make the stole very interesting:
The rest of you are making progress at your own pace:
Barbara is on Tier 10 and is still finding the birch leaf and lily of the valley painful to work with.
Dawn reached Tier 19 and finally decided to knit to the full 23 tiers. Just 4 more, Dawn!
Denise found herself ripping back 3 panels after attempting to knit on a red-eye flight. Despite this little setback, she is past Tier 13 now. Isn't her pink lace beautiful?Dorothy is knitting past Tier 16.
Heather is on Tier 9.
Opal is having very slow progress but the stole is coming along beautifully:You should all go to Peggy's blog and read about her FPS evolving into the Diva in her house ... hilarious!
Cool Diva look!
Polly has reached Tier 17.

Finally, here is the link to the Forest Path Stole Flickr group. I have sent out invitations but some of you haven't responded yet ... but there is no hurry, just take your time. And if I missed you in the invitation, just send me or Debi your email address and we'll send one your way.

It's just exciting to see the bustling activities among you. So many of you are getting so close to having an FO ... keep the effort up. Remember, the new updates schedule will be 1st and 15th of every month. So, see you on the 15th.

Friday, June 22, 2007

New seasons, new beginnigs

H fellow FPS-ers! Happy Summer! (or Winter for our friends in the southern hemisphere!)

Since it's a new season, Agnes and I have made some changes for our KAL that we hope will keep everyone interested and motivated!

Starting July 1 there will be TWO updates per month, one on the FIRST of each month and one on the FIFTEENTH of each month.

Agnes will do the first, I will do the fifteenth. Both updates will cover progress for the WHOLE GROUP but each group will still "report" to your assigned group leader for updates, problems, changes in status, ect.

In addition, if there has been no progress updates on your blog for one month, your status will be moved to the "on hold" list.

For those of you "on hold" please let us know when you plan to resume active progress but again, if we haven't heard from you in a month's time, we will assume you have resigned from the KAL.

There have been some stunning stoles completed and Agnes and I both felt that these changes will be beneficial to keep the momentum going.

So happy new beginnings and keep on knitting everyone!

Friday, June 08, 2007

The current status of the FPS KAL

Hello fellow FPS Knit-a-longers!

Agnes and I have collected and compiled the current status of all our FPS participants in the following list:

FINISHED (you rock!!)




ACTIVELY KNITTING (no matter how slowly!)
Lois (added 6/18)

ON HOLD (hope is a wonderful thing, girls!)

RESIGNED FROM KNITTING THE FPS (AKA those who know when to fold 'em, heh)
Kris (added 6/17)
Melissa #1 (Tia Knits)

Anne M
Melissa #2 (Wooly Jumper)
Melissa #3 (Baggywrinkle)

If your name is missing or listed under the wrong status, please contact me or Agnes as soon as possible!

Once y'all *approve* of this final list, Agnes and I will divide up the remaining participants and let you know about the revised groups/update schedule!

Have a great weekend and don't forget, tomorrow (June 9) is WORLD WIDE KNIT IN PUBLIC DAY so get out there and show your sticks!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Little Announcement

Dear fellow knitalongers, this week's update will be interrupted for a little announcement. Debi and I had a little chit-chat and we agreed that now is the time for a little streamlining and re-organizing of the participants list.

We are planning to re-organize the participants into those who have finished (and give the link to the blog posts or photos), those who are still working on the project, and finally those who have decided to put the project on hold or decided the FPS is not for you (but wish to stay involved as our cheering squad). There are also a number of you from whom we haven't heard since the start of the KAL and/or there have been no updates or mention of your progress on the FPS on your blogs. We really would like to know what it is that you are planning to do so we can update accordingly.

So, except those who have finished, all of you please contact either Debi or I as to your plan for the FPS project by next week, Friday June 8.

Lastly, I have created a Flickr group for our KAL where you can send your photos. I will soon send out invitations to you all via your email addresses. To those of you in Debi's group, unfortunately she lost all your email addresses in her recent computer crash so she asks if you will all be kind enough to email HER with your current addresses. In addition, if any member has changed email addresses since February, please let your group leader know.

We hope the new arrangements will keep the group going strong and be more interesting and encouraging for everyone. YAY!

Friday, May 25, 2007

It's so quiet I can almost hear a pin drop!

The update pickin's are mighty slim around these parts these days!!

No pics from Laura but she's made her peace with the nupp, in fact she actually kinda likes them!!! What's brought new happiness to her knit life? She learned to knit backwards!! WOOT! Go visit her blog for a cool video that will teach you too!

Valerie finished last week but we're still waiting on that modeled shot grrlfriend!

The only other posters who even *mentioned* the FPS are Opal, Rebekah, and me! We three have acknowledged our struggle to finish but we haven't given up the ghost yet! We'll see what next week brings!

So can you guys over in Agnes' group spare some of your enthusiasm for us? Please? :)

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Hiya! Time flies and boom! Memorial Day is around the corner! Scary, huh? Okay, so let's not waste time and start this week's update.

First, let's come and admire Katherine's beautiful long white stole:
Exciting exciting ... Katherine told me it was about 150 cm long. I guess she is getting real close to the end, right? Well, Gail is another excited one ... she just has 2 more tiers to go. She promised to have a photo once it's done. Besides, there have been people expressing interest in her project and she would use hers as a sample for her class. :)

Denise is a frequent traveller. Before setting off to her son's graduation, she sent this in:
She was having second thought about the yarn as the lace was not as well-defined as she wanted it to be. Luckily, she blocked the 5 tiers and was very happy with it ... so now she can continue happily with the project.

Though feeling a bit bored at the moment, Dorothy thought she may try to make it to the full 23 tiers. Right now she is on Tier 14:
If you like large stole, make the full 23 tiers, Dorothy ... you won't regret it. I love my full length stole!

Due to various issues in her life, Heather has to put the FPS on hold. And let's all wish Kathy good luck with the 3rd time casting on.