Friday, June 22, 2007

New seasons, new beginnigs

H fellow FPS-ers! Happy Summer! (or Winter for our friends in the southern hemisphere!)

Since it's a new season, Agnes and I have made some changes for our KAL that we hope will keep everyone interested and motivated!

Starting July 1 there will be TWO updates per month, one on the FIRST of each month and one on the FIFTEENTH of each month.

Agnes will do the first, I will do the fifteenth. Both updates will cover progress for the WHOLE GROUP but each group will still "report" to your assigned group leader for updates, problems, changes in status, ect.

In addition, if there has been no progress updates on your blog for one month, your status will be moved to the "on hold" list.

For those of you "on hold" please let us know when you plan to resume active progress but again, if we haven't heard from you in a month's time, we will assume you have resigned from the KAL.

There have been some stunning stoles completed and Agnes and I both felt that these changes will be beneficial to keep the momentum going.

So happy new beginnings and keep on knitting everyone!


Micky said...

Thanks so much.
I am very excited to be a part of the KAL.

Lois said...

I need to take a picture real soon as I had hit the 9th tier. Hope to get by the 12 tier this week.

and thanks so much for this KAL.

Denise/CT said...

As I don't have a blog, how often should I report in to my assigned "leader", smile?
How does the Flickr work? Will there be a link here to click and see each persons progress or will you still be posting the pictures here?
Sorry, not computer savvy at all, too busy knitting!! Ha, Ha...