Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Almost at the one year mark....

And things have slowed down considerably.

February 1 will mark the year anniversary of our FPS KAL.

Many beautiful stoles were completed, some are still plugging along, some have gone into permanent hibernation while still others will emerge from the frog pond in a different incarnation better suited to it's knitter.

Hopefully, whether we completed our stoles or not, we all had fun, met some new friends and learned a few new things - even if it's what not to knit :)

This is gonna be the last bimonthly update. From this point on, updates will be on the first of each month so those that are still knitting, the KAL will still be here for you! Our email links have been fixed so when you have updates just let Agnes or I know or post to your blog before the first of the month.

Our only update for this post if from Denise and she needs our advice!
Here's the update she sent to Agnes...

I did make some progress on the Forest Path Stole, in between Christmas gifts . I have put it aside for now as I'm concerned that the edge will be too tight. I did not block the stole first, but am thinking I need to. I don't feel the side panel has enough give to it to accommodate how much it will need to stretch. I have put in extra rows, but this does not seem to be helping. I find when I'm perplexed like this it is best to lay aside and revisit with a clear mind and eye at a later date, so that is where I am now. Does anyone have any advise on this? Did others share this concern?

I've attached a few links for you to view the progress.


Happy New Year!!!
and Advise needed !!!

So that's it till February 1, hope everyone is enjoying 2008 so far!

can anyone give Denise a helping hand?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year! A New Year!

Happy New Year Everybody! This is the first post of 2008 and Debi and I would like to wish you all a productive and pleasurable knitting year to come!

Heather's lovely stole keeps on growing, one tier longer now:
Heather, aiming at finishing the stole before the one-year anniversary of joining the KAL is a great objective.

Tia would focus on taking care of her health at the moment, so the FPS would have to wait. Tia, we would all keep you in our thoughts and hoping to hear from you about your gorgeous 2-colour stole soon.

While some of you still feel the need of a break from the FPS, finishing it is actually one of Rebekah's resolutions for 2008. I wish you success, Rebekah.

Last of all, I have a little piece of unfortunate news. A while ago, my email address was hacked and now I do not have control over it anymore. Some of you have been keeping in touch with me through that email. I am sorry to tell you that please use the new one (the link on the sidebar) so that I can keep receiving news from you. Thank you.