Sunday, March 02, 2008

First and foremost, we have another finisher amongst us!
This is Polly's finished stole, blocked and tidily folded. Go and admire other pictures of her beautiful FPS here. Congratulations, Polly! Your stole is stunning! Would you consider a modelling shot? ;)

Heather will be starting Tier 19. There have been some twists and turns in her yarn-for-the-stole story. First she found that she was short. Then KnitPicks told her they still have her colourway in stock. When the package finally arrived, she discovered that the yarns were of a different colourway! So, please wish Heather good luck in her search of yarns to finish the project.

Last but not least, look at Micky's multi-coloured stole:
I think it's growing nicely.