Tuesday, January 01, 2008

A New Year! A New Year!

Happy New Year Everybody! This is the first post of 2008 and Debi and I would like to wish you all a productive and pleasurable knitting year to come!

Heather's lovely stole keeps on growing, one tier longer now:
Heather, aiming at finishing the stole before the one-year anniversary of joining the KAL is a great objective.

Tia would focus on taking care of her health at the moment, so the FPS would have to wait. Tia, we would all keep you in our thoughts and hoping to hear from you about your gorgeous 2-colour stole soon.

While some of you still feel the need of a break from the FPS, finishing it is actually one of Rebekah's resolutions for 2008. I wish you success, Rebekah.

Last of all, I have a little piece of unfortunate news. A while ago, my email address was hacked and now I do not have control over it anymore. Some of you have been keeping in touch with me through that email. I am sorry to tell you that please use the new one (the link on the sidebar) so that I can keep receiving news from you. Thank you.


Denise/CT said...

Looking good girls! Happy New Year! Agnes, I sent you an update with picture links prior to the new year at the old address, looks like it didn't come thru. I've tried to contact you via the sidebar, but it just throws me to the Yahoo home page. Please contact me so that I might update you on my progress.

Denise/CT said...

Debbie, Agnes, someone contact me please. I seem to get thrown to the web page of your e-mail accounts, with no address I can't report in.