Sunday, July 01, 2007

Some ends, some beginnings

Hello everybody! I've been waiting to write this first update after the blog's little vacation. There have been quite some exciting developments. So, let's not waste time and go right in.

We have 4 more finishers added to the list:
Cheryl and her beautiful black stole

Gail loves her green FPS and thinks it's a good reason
to dine out in a good restaurant

Valerie looks elegant with her green stole

Rochelle, we are waiting to see your stole blocked and modelled in its full beauty. :D

They will be joined by Katherine and Regina very soon. Both are working on the finishing borders. Katherine sets her target finishing date before July 20 so that she can wear it to her new job.

And there are new members joining us too. Colleen started the project in May 2005 and felt that she can use some encouragement from us to help her knit along. She is using Suri Alpaca in soft gray and is on Tier 12 right now. Lois just joined us but she is already on Tier 15 (she can get 1 tier a day! Super Knitter!) ... well done, Lois! Keep knitting at this speed and we'll have to add you to the finisher list very soon:
Micky is another new girl. She is using JoJoland Harmony variegated lace (HC05) with Clover bamboo needles in US#3. The variegated yarn is going to make the stole very interesting:
The rest of you are making progress at your own pace:
Barbara is on Tier 10 and is still finding the birch leaf and lily of the valley painful to work with.
Dawn reached Tier 19 and finally decided to knit to the full 23 tiers. Just 4 more, Dawn!
Denise found herself ripping back 3 panels after attempting to knit on a red-eye flight. Despite this little setback, she is past Tier 13 now. Isn't her pink lace beautiful?Dorothy is knitting past Tier 16.
Heather is on Tier 9.
Opal is having very slow progress but the stole is coming along beautifully:You should all go to Peggy's blog and read about her FPS evolving into the Diva in her house ... hilarious!
Cool Diva look!
Polly has reached Tier 17.

Finally, here is the link to the Forest Path Stole Flickr group. I have sent out invitations but some of you haven't responded yet ... but there is no hurry, just take your time. And if I missed you in the invitation, just send me or Debi your email address and we'll send one your way.

It's just exciting to see the bustling activities among you. So many of you are getting so close to having an FO ... keep the effort up. Remember, the new updates schedule will be 1st and 15th of every month. So, see you on the 15th.


Debi said...

Such beauty here - you all are such an inspiration!

Lois said...

everyone has such pretty progresses.

I will get to Tier 21 and start the top triangles, the length is probably just nice for my size. :)

Dawn said...

I'm pleased to announce that I've finished tier 23 now! Just the seed st top triangles and borders to go now.