Sunday, July 15, 2007

Has it been another month already?

Why, yes it sure has and some FPS-ers have been quite busy!!

Dawn's feeling quite successful. She's made it to tier 19!!

Blogless Denise/CT is working hard! She's on tier 15! You may not have a blog but PLEASE keep sending us those pics Denise!

Even tho she's made it past tier 16 and it's gorgeous, Dorothy seems to be a bit distracted with killer sales and lots of other projects!

Katherine's been a busy woman and look how it's paid off.....She's FINISHED!! WOOT!

And doesn't it look lovely on her!

Heather's making tons of progress, she's on tier 9 and plans a November completion date!

Yooo Hoooo Laura??? Come in Laura!! We miss you!!

Wow! Lois is managing a tier a day and is already past tier 15!! Go Speed Knitter! Go!

Micky's got a healthy start and dontcha love how her yarn changes color with each lace unit? Plus she took some time out to make some way cool knitted toys, go have a peek!

Hey there Polly, your FPS seems to have gone the way of Laura's and not a nupp has been heard from in over a month!! Come back to us Polly, come back!!

Another beautiful stole completed, YAY!!! Regina has finished her beautiful buttery stole!!

She even got her adorable niece to model it.

And here's another finished FPS!! Rochelle finished a little bit ago but we finally get to see those glorious blocked shots!

She's a beauty Rochelle!!

Thus ends another month in our FPS saga.

See ya in August! :)


La said...

Like all things difficult and misbehaving, it's been in time-out.

If I feel generous, I'll give it an early release right after I'm done with Faina

Denise/CT said...

WOW gals, it all looks great. Congrats to those that finished.
I'm knitting as fast as I can. I took a break to work on MS3, but now that I'm caught up with that knit along it was nice to come back to a familiar friend.

Diana said...

Thank you thank you thank you.

I first saw this stole a few days back when I was looking for something else...isn't that the way of things out here on the net...and fell in love. I searched and could not find the pattern for sale... thanks to your link it is on the way! :)

I am very much a novice but hope to try this one in the near future. First I need to learn how to pearl. lol.