Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Half-year Anniversay

Six months ago, Debi and I started this KAL, thinking it would be fun to have a cozy little group to knit along. By its Half-Year Anniversay, 9 of us have finished this gorgeous stole and many of you are still working diligently on it. Although quite a number have given up or put the project on hold, knitting is not always about finishing ... more often, it is about exploring and self-discovering. So, even if you eventually found that despite its beauty, you didn't really enjoy the knitting ... or even hated working on it (like Laura), we are still happy that being in the KAL helps pushing you towards the realization.

To celebrate the KAL being half-year old, we have Lois's finished stole:It is waiting to be block ... but its beauty is already obvious. I think we are all eager to see it in its full glory, Lois.

After a long absence, Carine finally re-joined the group and she is working on Tier 6 right now.

Frequent flyer Denise is on Tier 17 ... getting really close!
Can you believe that Heather has to give up the beautiful white stole (11 tiers done) because her new dog loved this project so much that it chewed a big hole out of it ... despite the fact that she managed to salvage it from her kids, who, by the way, were ecstatic to find Mom's knitting out in the open? I think she definitely deserves a huge hug! ::group hug time:: And she has started the project A THIRD TIME!Isn't the KnitPicks Shadow in Campfire Heather beautiful? Heather, I pray that you would sail through without any hiccups this time.

Opal is planning to pick up her FPS again right after the Mystery Stole 3. She is on Tier 14 and naturally she doesn't want to give up.

Polly estimated that she had 50 UFOs ::gasp:: ... but the fact that she put her FPS on the top of her UFOs parade does tell us something ... I think she has the potential and the determination to finish it.

Last but not least, we have another new gal joining us. Wendy is working on Norah Gaughan's Vintage Pink Cardigan ... she is hoping to start her FPS after the sweater. We would love to hear from you soon, Wendy.

Now, champagne, everyone?


Denise/CT said...

"Champagne anyone?" Oh, I"ll have a glass, please. 6 months! Wow, I can't believe I don't have this finished yet....and it is my main knitting project. I guess I just have too much going on to give it the time it deserves. Too many trips and not enough home knitting time. That said I am REALLY enjoying the process of this stole and will be sad when I get to the finish. Anyone else feel that way when they finish a big project? This stole has challenged me but now has become an ole friend. I look forward to completing it but for now I'll enjoy the time we have together. I raise my glass of champagne to all of you who have finished and those of you who are yet to come. Cheers!!

dawn said...

I'm not blogging about my FPS as I've finished the tiers (hurray!) and am now on the very boring seed st border - wish I hadn't chosen to join the border as the pattern instructs - it is tedious. I hope to finish this in August (but don't hold your breath).