Thursday, November 01, 2007

Hello everyone! How did the trick-or-Treating go last night? I hope everybody had fun. It's another new month and here comes the update.

::drum rolls:: I am proud to introduce Dorothy's pink FPS to you:Isn't that gorgeous? Great job, Dorothy!

So, who else is still knitting? Quite a few. This is Heather's at Tier 10:while Micky has started Tier 6:I keep thinking when finished, Micky's FPS would be like a rainbow hanging over the forest! :D Last but not the least, Leigha has made it to Tier 4 and the stole is starting to take shape.

That's about it for this round of update. Another update would be coming up on the 15th, so if you make any progress in your FPS, remember to post on your blogs or give Debi or me a shout. Happy Knitting.

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