Friday, May 25, 2007

It's so quiet I can almost hear a pin drop!

The update pickin's are mighty slim around these parts these days!!

No pics from Laura but she's made her peace with the nupp, in fact she actually kinda likes them!!! What's brought new happiness to her knit life? She learned to knit backwards!! WOOT! Go visit her blog for a cool video that will teach you too!

Valerie finished last week but we're still waiting on that modeled shot grrlfriend!

The only other posters who even *mentioned* the FPS are Opal, Rebekah, and me! We three have acknowledged our struggle to finish but we haven't given up the ghost yet! We'll see what next week brings!

So can you guys over in Agnes' group spare some of your enthusiasm for us? Please? :)


alltangledup said...

i do have some progress but have been so swamped at work recently that I hadn't had time to knit or take photos and document accordingly. I'm just about to start tier 16. With some luck, I should be able to wrap this up by the end of june

costumechick said...

I know, I know. I decided to wait for the whole package. I am wearing it to a formal funtion on June 8, and want a pic with the amazing dress I found. You know, wih hair done and everything.

Agnes said...

I'm sure they are knitting ... just that Tier 5 looks awfully similar to Tier 15 ...
One from my group said she would start when she clears up her WIPs ... but you know, she has over 15 of those! LOL! That would be a looong looong wait. And I haven't heard from at least 2 of the group from the start till now ... :(

Debi said...

I know Kris is taking it very slow because she, like me, is not enjoying it! Leah, Linda, LouAnn, Melissas #2 and #3 (# 1 quit early on as did Vicki and Leslie quit last week after many valiant attempts I must add!) and Morgen either have NEVER posted or haven't posted since one post in February!! I've never even heard a PEEP from Lotte, Miriam or Roseanna. I've heard from Meg, Nancy and Rochelle but they haven't updated in over a month!

If that isn't enough to drop morale lower than Death Valley I don't know what is!! :(

Melanie said...

Alright, alright!
I am here, and I am still knitting. Just sloooowly.
I always plan on writing an update for the week, but I never get around to it in time.
Add to that I am working insane hours..and have lots of "timed" projects to get done...
hopefully June will be a much more productive month for the FPS and me!

Leslie said...

I'm impressed that you have at least four stoles completed - all worked with about a mile and a half of fine "thread". I just can't see myself ever using this weight of yarn again - and I have 3.8 skeins of Suri Alpaca in celery now aging gracefully in my stash. Someday I'll have to enter it as a prize in somebody's blog contest :)

When I realized I was avoiding knitting so as to avoid the stole that just wasn't getting knit I knew it was time to throw in my towel and knit other things - which I am!

Progress on this shows a real level of committment and a true love of craft. I'm impressed with those of you still continuing on and will sit here in the sidelines, pom poms in hand.