Tuesday, May 15, 2007

It continues to be pretty quiet ... but hey, we have a fresh FO this week:
This is Katrina wearing her second FPS. Isn't the pink stole gorgeous?

Cheryl and Dawn are getting closer to the end. Dawn has completed Tier 12 and finally decided to switch to bamboo circular needles ... which made the knitting a lot easier for her. She has also decided to make the full 23 tiers. Cheryl is on Tier 17. One advice from her is that one should try not to get too complacent with FPS, otherwise one would make "bonehead mistakes" ... you can read about her experience here.

Both Denise and Barbara are on Tier 4 now. But Barbara has loads of birthday gifts to make before May 23rd, so I guess she would have to put down the lace for a while. Denise is still having some hiccups with the Lily of the Valley pattern ... and the turbulance on the plane certainly didn't help! But hang on, Denise, hang on!

Before I call it a day for this week's update, please go over to Alison's ... she has just finished the beautiful Lace Skirt from the latest Vogue Knitting! I love that Regia Silk pink!

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