Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Are you ready for some updates? Here you go:

A few of you were going on trips. Dorothy just returned from vacation and hopefully, she'll give us some updates on her blog soon. Denise is attending her sister's wedding in Florida ... we'll see how much she could have done on the plane. Despite being tricked by the "not-shown-on-the-chart" selvage stitches, she managed to make it to Tier 2 before leaving for Florida. Well done, well done, Denise. And this is the most exciting of all, though not really related to the FPS project ... Kathy is having a blast with knitters from all over the world on the Sea Socks Cruise. This morning I read her blog and found that the cruise stopped at San Francisco for the day! Oooooh ... I am so jealous! :D

Katrina has finished all the tiers and will embark on the borders ... which she wondered why took so long. Well, Katrina, it actually was a lot shorter than I first expected ... so, keep going ... I'm sure we'll see your FO soon.

Katherine is now on Tier 17 and she is determined to have 2 more done before next week's update. That's a reasonable goal, Katherine.

Heather found that she made a little calculating mistake. Instead of one-third, she is one-fourth done. Well, no matter how much, her stole is looking gorgeous:

I guess Cheryl is the most detailed among us ... she is keeping tab on the hours spent on the project! She has worked 31 hours on the stole and is on Tier 7 now.


Debi said...

Wow, ladies...just keep swimming, just keep swimming!

Sorry I missed last week's update but I should be good to go for this week!

God, I wish I was on that cruise!

Denise/CT said...

Oh the cruise sounds wonderful!
31 hours huh? Well, since I knit when I'm not "doing anything" I guess that is 31 hours I won't "waste on not doing anything". Ha, Ha! and to think I'll probably have more time in it than that by the time I reach tier 7, considering how much I've been visiting the frog pond lately.
The wedding was beautiful my only regret was the FPS wasn't finished so I could wear it. Back to knitting....