Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Sure the warm weather is here ... are your hands clammy? Mine certainly were yesterday ... the mercury hit 90F! So, it's the best time to put the wool down and work on some delicate lace. :)

And that was what Barbara did. She finally had her FPS started in Zephyr Aegean Blue ... this is a beautiful colour, isn't it?
After making to Tier 3, she thought she finally overcome her fear of entrelac and start to enjoy the knitting.

After 63 hours, Cheryl completed 13 tiers and started to wonder if the stole would become too big if she made the whole 23 tiers.
Well, I didn't take the measurements before the blocking, but my impression was that the blocking didn't enlarge the stole a lot ... Polly thought this might be due to the seed stitch borders which don't stretch as much.

Remember Colette was working on her own lace design? Well, Merilyn's stole was well and finished ... she has a special meaning for Colette ... go see her beauty and read about it.

Last but definitely not the least, Janine and her dancing daughter are taking part in Race for Life, a fund-raising run for cancer research in UK, on May 28. Would you be able to spare a hank of yarn's worth and sponsor her for this worthwhile cause? If so, please click here. Thank you very much.

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Denise/CT said...

Looking good girls. Marilyn I like those beads! You all inspire me to keep knitting, and knitting, and knitting.....