Thursday, February 08, 2007

We're a week in already!

We've survived the first week! Just least for most of us, the neverending seed stitch is past or to quote Meg "what a slog!" Hee!

So where are my girlz at?

Yours Truly has, like many of us, "slogged" thru the seed stitch and is about to start tier 1. Does it count as extra sloggy if you're knitting with ultra slippery pure silk? I think so! :)

Laura hasn't started yet but she does have a much bigger surprise - she's a new grandma!! Go congratulate Oma La!

Meg is quite the lace maven! Not only has she gotten thru the border and triangles in her gorgeous Merlot Misty Alpaca, she's simultaneously begun a beautiful wine colored lace Butterfly camisole. Of course it's summer in Meg's part of the world so the more lace, the better!

Another lover of the green,
Melanie says her Inox circ and stunning Emerald yarn are making her a happy knitter!

I think
Melissa is dreaming of spring, cause she's knitting a beautiful Rose before she walks down the Forest Path.

Three times is the charm for
Melissa ! Look at this stunning first tier! And in her own handspun too!

Nancy's waiting for her yarn to arrive...I can't wait to see the silk/alpaca blend in teal she plans to use. So, no FPS for Nancy yet but if you want to see an amazing quilt and a "real" Forest Path, go pay her a visit!

Opal just finished a stunning Shaped Triangle and has a Hidcote on the needles but her FPS has yet to make it's debut.

Her FPS on hold for a bit, Rebekah is using her time to help a friend and fellow knitter out - go visit her blog and see how knitters can bring a man to tears!

Valerie must be a speed knitter! She designed and knit a cool pair of socks celebrating Mardi Gras and is beginning her first tier in her lovely green yarn! That's a lot of knitting in a week, girl!

Vicki is having some computer issues but has cast on and will keep in touch as much as she can!

Haven't heard a peep out of blogless Lotte, Miriam, or Roseanna. Come on girls, show us what ya got!

Don't forget to check and add to the comments here for info or questions and have fun visiting with your fellow FPS-ers!

Have a great week, knit lots and I'll see you next Thursday!!


alltangledup said...

at this rate some of you are going to finish before I start ;-) but I will start this eventually

what great progress everyone is making

Rebekah said...

I'm eager to get back, I think this weekend will allow a stroll down the path, I hope.

Agnes said...

Melissa's handspun is amazing! I think it would be triple the satisfaction when the stole is done!

Opal said...

I can only work on one shawl at a time! But I am eager to get started. Melissa is just inspiring me to get going!

Kris said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting the picture of Melissa's FPS. It is just the "visual" I need to go along with Debi's helpful instructions. I think I might actually know what I'm doing now (famous last words!!).

m said...

Has anyone reading this finished a Forest path shawl ?? ..wondering if you had much yarn left over ?? or was it down to the wire to have enough ??
I ask as i'm currently debating just how much yarn to order ...
I'm starting again in a different colour and yarn .. ....