Thursday, February 15, 2007

You gotta know when to hold em, know when to fold em

Hello FPS-ers!

Here we are at week two and it seems some of us have made progress, some of us have made decisions and some of us seem to have dropped off the face of the earth, or at least don't seem to have the FPS on their radar at all.

Here's where you can read about my own personal heartache :)

Polly is a dedicated knitter and completely committed to knitting an FPS! She's so dedicated in fact she flew all the way from England to New York to pick up her yarn! Just kidding, she's in NY visiting with family but she did order her yarn while there so she's hoping it arrives before her return to the UK!

Look at
Valerie's stunning Basil Zephyr stole!

She's already past tier #5, must be her ingenious way of keeping track of her progress that makes her so productive!

Peggy was all set to begin when she discovered she had the wrong needles! Luckily her wonderful hubby took her to a new LYS where she found not only the right needles but some cool new sock yarn too! She started the shawl and has worked the border and the base triangles but she didn't have her camera! Don't ya know we love the pics, Peggy?

Go give
Leslie a big hug! She's hurt her wrists and can't knit right now but hopefully some rest will get her right back in the game! Feel better soon Leslie!

After a few pretty amusing false starts,
Kris is now the mistress of her knitting! Look at her lovely beginnings...

Keep up the good work Kris. I knew you could do it!

Melissa has sadly decided the FPS isn't for her. It's a smart knitter who recognizes when her knitting isn't making her happy! We'll miss our Melissa but she's agreed to stay on as our official cheerleader! YAY!

Melissa has discovered cobweb lace isn't her cup of tea. She's ditched her first go and has now set her sights on a truly scrumptious yarn that will make her knitting much more enjoyable. Good for you, grrlfriend!

Finally we hear from
Rochelle and isn't she a tricky one? She's knitting her FPS from LINEN!

You are a brave and bold knitter, Rochelle, that linen can be quite fractious but I'm sure you'll tame it for a fabulous stole!

Sure seems like that sage-y, basil color is a popular one around here!

So there you have it for another week....the stoles all look wonderful, the companionship a real morale booster, especially when things aren't going *exactly* as planned!

Have a wonderful week and just keep knitting!


Heather said...

Okay after reading the errors issues, I am a bit apprehensive. I had my border done and my children "helped" me, so I am back at cast on. Argh! Little boys that think knitting needles are swords are NOT amusing! Especially when the needles have expensive yarn on them!
My first errata question is-how many stitches ARE the triangles supposed to have? My copy says 20 at the end of the final row, before you pick up a stitch after removing the marker. I am going to fly through the border again today after chores and school work for Mom and kids are done and be ready to start my triangles. Yes, Mom is in college and hom schooling the children. I really Do have brain cells in there, I promise!
can we start a page for errata that WE discover?

La said...

Hey Deb! Better late than never I always say. Go check out today's post. It's the bare beginnings, but it's there!

Heather said...

I have now managed to get past the triagnles! Whee! Here we go! Now, I have an odd question....are they supposed to look more like sails on a sailboat? The right hand triangle looks odd to me. I know it's knitted correctly..I worked long and hard for 2 horus this morning, with my little tongue stuck between my teeth in concentration! LOL
It' just looks odd. Will that straighten out as I go along?