Thursday, February 22, 2007

Another week, another tier?

So how's everyone doing this week? Seems like things are pretty quiet around Knitbloglandia so I'll just get on with this weeks update!

Don't most knitters have a stash of needles similar to their yarn stashes? Not at
Meg's house! She has one needle with TWO laceweight shawls clamoring for equal time!! Now that's frugal Meg! You had better finish that Clapotis soon or we're gonna have to have a fundraiser for your poor FPS!!

Valerie has had some sad news but she's keeping her hands busy with her FPS to comfort her. She's already on tier 9!

Laura's got a meager beginning because her needles finally arrived but more importantly she's got a stunning new sweater that she's not 100% happy with...go see if we knitters can lend her a helpful suggestion or two!

Opal has a "one shawl at a time" rule but her resolve to stick with Hidcote is getting harder and harder.....come on girl, finish that Hidcote, your FPS is calling!

Kris has her FPS in time out - nupp issues, dontcha know? But she's headed out to her knitting group tonight where hopefully she'll get some nupp support!

After all of
Melanie's troubles last week, she too has but her FPS in a time out while she knits pretty socks and a pretty sweater to "keep her sanity". Go take a peek!

I'm still recouperating from my juvenile FPS's untimely demise but the good news is I've chosen a new yarn (third time's the charm, right?) and I'll be debuting it soon. It's green, it's "safe" and it's lovely so things can only get better from now on!

Have a great week everyone and let's see some progress pics next week!!

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