Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Someone stole my time!

Hello everybody! Can you believe it? It's another week already! I start to believe somebody is stealing my time behind my back, otherwise, where has it gone? How about you?

In the past week, we had much of the pattern errata woes resolved ... I hope! It's a good thing actually ... the sooner we discover these suckers, the better. Hopefully, we can all sail through our knitting from now on.

Last week, Anita sent me an email saying that she was confused about the instructions for picking up stitches. To answer her question, I read more closely into the pattern ... and voila! that's when I discovered how a big inattentive nitwit I am! I have been reading the instructions the way I thought they were ... not exactly what they are!

First, to clarify Anita's confusion:
For odd-numbered tiers (the knitting from right side to left) - pick up the stitches on the RS, insert needle from back to front, wrap the yarn around needle as if to purl
For even-numbered tiers (the knitting from left side to right) - pick up the stitches on the WS, insert needle from front to back, wrap the yarn around needle as if the knit

In both cases, you'll have the selvedge edge appearing on the RS of the stole, serving as the divider between the lace panels. This is where my nitwit part comes in ... I did exactly the opposite as instructed so all my selvedge edges are now on the WS! Thanks to Debi, I now know I have been doing a totally different thing! On examining my mass of lace, I thought that the difference between the selvedge edge on the RS or the WS is not that significant ... at least to me. So, I am not going to start all over again.

Now, let's see how the others are doing.

Alison was annoyed by turning the piece after knitting just a few stitches ... and who isn't, actually? So she put up a really really cool tutorial on knitting seed stitch backward. Go check it out and see if it helps you.

Anita should be on her vacation trip now. She sent me a photo to show how she organizes her lace charts and progress chart ... really cool. That handy red thing was a plastic folder she got from a past meeting. Instead of a pad of writing paper, she slid a magnetic board and it became the coolest chart reading board you can hope for:

Beth experienced a brief moment of panic when there were 7 stitches left waiting to be picked up on the left side needle ... and then discovered that she hadn't come to the end of the lace pattern yet! Still 14 more rows to go ... so the numbers added up. Isn't this a familiar scene to you?

Dawn's knitting lamp was broken thus making it really hard for her to knit with the teeny tiny cobweb lace. But don't worry, she has lots of other projects going on which are not cobweb weight. :)

Denise/CT has been playing with her silk lace weight from Colourmart. She will decide if this is the yarn she wants to use for the stole after the swatch dry out. Besides busy finishing her Hanna Falkenberg Diva jacket, she will also be busy entertaining guest this week, so it seems not much would be done on the stole.

Dorothy has progressed to Tier 4:
She was happy to report that she now had the hang of the knitting ... but that didn't mean no frogging was happening. That's words of wisdom, Dorothy! I just happen to learn that just one slip of attention for a few seconds would mean frogging action following! hahaha ...

Gail is on the 18th tier! 18! WOW! She would also like to share with us that instead of using stitch holders or dpns to hold the idle live stitches, she uses pieces of waste yarns. This way, there is no sticks or needles getting in the way of the knitting and no danger of stoppers getting loose.

After much fiddling and frogging and starting again, Heather finally got her base triangles done and kept them safe from the kids and cats! Hide them well, Heather! She seemed to be struggling a bit with the lace patterns, especially the nupps. But that's the way it is ... you'll get better and better along the way. I'm sure you'll still be young and beautiful when you get to wear the stole, Heather!

Janine has finished her Kiri and now has time to focus on the FPS.

Janina is still waiting for her Zephyr to arrive. But when working on her Swallowtail shawl, she suffered some serious doubts of her own knitting because she thought the stitches were just too wonky. Then one package in the mail changed everything! She received her Bryspun circular needles. Test-driving the new tools, she immediately noticed how the right needles changed her knitting life:
"The stitches were even, and with the scoop tip there wasn't a fight to maniuplate the decrease manuevors. The join isn't perfect, but it isn't half bad, either. And the cord-- oh the cord! It doesn't twist, it doesn't kink, it just stays pleasantly put in a smooth, flexible, agreeable circle. The larger cord diameter keeps the stitches more in shape. I like these needles!"

How about the rest of you? Are you knitting with the right needles?

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Heather said...

I FINALLY finished Tier 1! YAY ME! But, the left triangle looks funky. I'll post a pic to my blog and can you all tell me if it looks right to those of you who are so much more progessed than me?