Tuesday, January 30, 2007

People Search

2 more days and we can start! It really took me enormous self-control not to start before Feb 1! My KnitPicks dpns have arrived ... the points are sharp but they are really heavy! I am wondering if I should use bamboo needles instead.

As Debi has stated in the last post, the members are being split into 2 groups for the convenience of managing. Among those who are in my group, a number of you don't have a blog and I would like to have at least a way of contacting you. So, the following ladies, if you read this, please send me a message giving me your contacting email address:


Thank you very much.


LoriAngela said...

How exciting! I have the wool and the pattern ready to start this summer (when the baby knitting is done). I plan to do an entrelac workshop at my LYC this Saturday. Hanne and I will teach each other.
May I please lurk on your site and gain incredible intelligence to build the motivation to my own shawl?

Agnes said...

You are most welcome. Lurk or unlurk ... whatever you feel like ... just visit often and share the fun here. :)