Monday, January 29, 2007

Less than a week to go....

Hi fellow FPS-er!!

The moment of truth is fast approaching and there's a flurry of activity among us!
Some are making final decisions about what yarn to use (me included!) some are asking the age old questions....metal or bamboo? What needle size gives the nicest fabric and shows off the lace to it's best advantage?

Lots of swatching is going on and lots of itchy fingers are eager to get fact some have already given in!!

To make things easier once we get started Agnes and I have decided to split up the participants into two groups.

Agnes' Group:

2trees Agnes Alison Anita Ann Barbara Beth Bonni LHWB Knits Carine Colette Dallas Dawn Denise/CT Dorothy Gail Heidi Janette Janina Janine Julia Kathy Katrina Kimberly

Debi's Group:

Debi Kris Laura Leah Leslie Linda Lotte Louann Meg Melanie Melissa Melissa Miriam Morgen Nancy Opal Peggy Polly Rebekah Rochelle Roseanna Valerie Vicki

These groups are to make posting of pictures and progress reports easier so if you have any updates and/or pics, just email them to your group leader and we will post/link for you!

We have 46 participants scattered across the US as well as in Europe and Austraila! It's so exciting that knitting is knitting no matter where you do it and it's something we can all share across miles and oceans!

Let the final countdown begin and don't forget to visit your fellow FPS-ers and say hello!


Leslie said...

Debi, thanks for putting me in your group. You've been such an inspiration and help to me so many times already in this "stretching" of my knitting abilities.

alltangledup said...

this is going to be soooo fun. I'm going to try to not be the last one to cast on ;-)

Rebekah said...

Sounds great, I'm winding my yarn tonight. Or at least one skein of it.

Dallas Schulze said...

I've talked myself into and out of several different yarns and have finally settled - I think! - on one I bought for this shawl a few months ago - Misti Baby Alpaca laceweight in a very pretty medium green. This is definitely what I'll use. Unless I change my mind!

I'm looking forward to getting started.

Debi said...

I'm flattered and glad to help but the groups were just divided alphabetically, Agnes got the first half and I got the second. Nothing magical about it, just the "luck" of the draw :)

I saw your comment over at FKD and I'm sorry to say, I have no swatches to show you! Since I had already swatched with my original yarn I had an idea of what would work. I did swatch but the Lace Silk is too darn expensive so I swatched, I frogged and I'm reusing my swatch yarn!

Alison said...

Guess I really should be digging up my poor, neglected FPS. I do know exactly where it is, just need to figure out where in the pattern I stopped and whether I need to unply more yarn.

all about yarn said...

ooh I am so excited to be in this group with Deb and Leslie and Rebekah everybody !!

dawn said...

I've already chosen the yarn and have the pattern plus errata ready to start on Thursday.

La said...

all I have left to do is ball my yarn and I'm ready!

Deb, I KNEW you'd keep me to yourself...;-)