Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Afraid of Entrelac?

I can't believe it! I mean what started out to be a little cozy group has grown into one with 26 members! Not that little anymore, but still cozy, I assure you, nonetheless.

I am aware that some of you are feeling a little bit intimidated by the idea of entrelac knitting, which is going to be one of the major techniques involved in this project. If you are a reader of Debi's blog, you'd know she made 2 very beautiful entrelac projects last year. But for me, I am a 98% entrelac virgin ... I got my 2% experience from a false start on the Forest Path Stole using a wrong yarn and got to one-third of the first tier! ;) So, I can testify to what Debi told you about entrelac in her latest post ... it does look harder than it actually is!

But to further help you with the technique, here are some useful links which would help giving you the idea how to approach:

Entrelac Handout - there are instructions as well as some further useful links at the end

Entrelac at a different angle

The Yarnpath - Robbyn has pictures accompanying her instructions, which should be very helpful

Freckles & Purls - who doesn't love a free pattern? Allison has a free entrelac scarf pattern in PDF format on her blog ... just look for free pattern on the sidebar

So, if you have the time, you can try the technique out making a scarf over the weekend ... nice!


Vicki said...

thanks Agnes. I was beginning to worry. I will get my yarn long before I get my pattern and I was concerned. Like you I am new to the process. I think a little practice will make me feel better. thanks again.

Anonymous said...

great list ...going to have a long hard look and practice .

my yarn and pattern are yet to arrive ..havent swatched ,no idea of what yarn i'm using . i wish it would all arive on friday (mail day !!)
woolly jumper