Thursday, January 18, 2007

Here are the files

Hello ladies (so far all of us here are ladies. But of course, if there are gentlemen interested in joining, you are most welcome ... just give Debi or I an email.), as Debi mentioned in the last post, I did obtain some files relating to the FPS pattern, thanks to Kimberly who knitted the stole in 13 weeks (that sounds fast to me ... anyone dare to break her record?) to wear at her daughter's wedding. Perhaps having an actual occasion you want to wear the stole may motivate you more, don't you think? I may have a wedding to attend in August ... Anyway, I have uploaded the files to a sharing site and here are the links:

Birch Leaves
Right side triangle
FPS Tiers Spreadsheet

Just click on the various links and you'll be taken to the pages where you can download the files. When I downloaded the files from Kimberly's email, Yahoo! checked them for viruses and they are clean. If you are worried, you can check the files you download from the site using your own anti-virus software.

Kimberly has also kindly shared her experiences of knitting the project:
"This is a very long shawl when completed. My friend was contemplating making it shorter as she is several inches shorter than me. In the end she made it the same length as mine. If you want the length shorter don't knit as many tiers.
After I completed the border and started working the 'blocks' I found it difficult to have all those stitches on the long needle after the first couple of tiers. I put each completed block on a stitch holder and worked each pattern with a double pointed needle, leaving the other stitches on holders until I needed to work it.
As for the cast on make sure it is VERY LOOSE. This comes into play when you block the shawl. My friend's cast on was not as loose as her bind off and it made it a little difficult to get the shape even when I blocked it. Once I had knitted the beginning border, I stretched the cast on edge to see if it became larger than my knitting. I tried several cast on's - long tail, back loop, etc and settled on what I call a knitted cast on."

She also gave us tips about blocking the stole, but I think I'll leave that for later ... after all, we haven't even started, right?

Have you visited the blogs of other fellow Stole-Alongers? I put all the feeds to their blogs under a folder "FPS" in my Bloglines. This way I would be able to read any new posts they put up. Melissa has been practicing with entrelac ... go and see the lovely entrelac piece she made. Valerie received her yarn and after swatching, discovered that she didn't like the seed stitch and is considering doing garter stitch for the border. Any thought for her? Also, a couple of you have actually started ... but I am not going to tell you who! hahaha ...


Denise/CT said...

So if I read the errata correctly it is just a matter of coloring in a few squares so that they represent "no stitch". Correct? or did I miss something?

Agnes said...

Yes, Denise, grey squares indicate no stitch.

Anonymous said...

I ordered the pattern last Saturday and the yarn on Tuesday. But I have a couple of items I MUST finish before I start the stole and will be working on them this weekend. The files have been downloaded (Thanks!) and I hope to get in a little practice prior to 2/1 - this is my most ambitious lace ever and my first anything-along. I'm stretching to knit this - it'll probably be more fun than doing squares for a TKGA class!

KnitSanity said...

Hi Everyone,
I don't blog so I'm not sure where to put my progress. I've already started and am now on tier 5. I didn't like the seed stitch border so I did an invisible cast on, and started on the body of the stole. I will add a knitted on border once the body is finished. I'll put my progress photos on Flickr.

Happy knitting,
My finished objects:

Debi said...

Collette! I'd love to see but the link you posted doesn't work :(

Agnes said...

Colette, you've made a lot of beautiful things! Is the round lace shawl Rose of England? I love that pattern! Cookie A. has made one before and I was already stunned by its beauty! Sooner or later I'll have to try it.
(Debi, try the link again, I think it works now.)

Denise/CT said...

Now you have me questioning if I want to start on Feb. 1st, maybe I should wait and see what your stole looks like and do your boarder instead? grin... Of course if I do this I wouldn't be doing the "knit a long" and probably would never get the thing knit... That is the good thing about knit alongs, they are motivating and supportive.
What are you thinking you might do instead of seed stitch? Are you knitting on circular needles or dbl points?