Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Way too quiet in here!!

Come on fellow FPS-ers, let's hear some noise!!

How is everyone doing?

Has everyone chosen their yarn yet? Done any swatching? Got any pics?

Practiced some entrelac? :::evil grin:::

I have a question for the group......charts or words? Do you mostly prefer charts to the written out instructions?

Agnes has obtained a copy of the written instructions which she will soon post but personally I feel this is pretty easy, straightforward lace and perfect for those knitters who swear "I can't read charts"!

I took a 15+ year knitting hiatus between the late 80's and when I returned to the fold in 2002. Prior to my return I had never knit from a chart....even complicated Arans had the pattern written out line by line.

I was VERY resistant to using charts - you know, everyone hates change :)
But once I stopped being so stubborn and took the plunge, I've never looked back! I now find charts so user friendly and uncomplicated, especiallly since you can "see" the pattern - a built in failsafe for the dreaded "lace knitting screw up"! You can even use colored pencils to color code the symbols so you have even more visuals...

So what say you, my knitting comrades....charts or words, that is the question!


Dorothy said...

Charts! Charts! Charts! I will almost refuse to knit a pattern that is not charted or at the very least will chart it myself. I probably used written directions for the first 20 years or so, but as soon as I discovered charts, I never looked back! You always know exactly where you are. No swatching here, I'm just going to dive in, but will probably wait until Feb. 1st - got some other stuff going on.

Melanie said...

I was resistant to the charts as well, They scared the bejeezus out of me for the longest time..until I started a lace shawl that was written as well as charted, and when I compared the 2 a light came on in my brain..and now I am all about the charts!
I got my yarn, I got my pattern...but I am quiet because I am thisclose to finishing the Hidcote shawl..and have a few other projects I am trying to madly finish before we start this "little" project. =)
I am so excited though...I think it is going to be a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Well, I only just recently saw patterns that use written instructions - german patterns usually use charts for like everything, and are unreadable for the knitting novice because of the strange names the stritches have. Since I learned what ssk and k2tog and k tbl means, I just knit them without any problems. And for lace, I always favour charts, and I'm a more visual person, so seeing the chart helps me envision the lace pattern that will come off my needles hopefully. The only thing I'm scared off are cables ;)

I have not yet swatched, but will use Jaggerspun Zephyr. I guess I will also be late in starting as my current project is just about to end, and I will likely knit the Hidcote Garden Shawl in between. But then, both lace projects are worked differently, I might just do them in parallel.

I just have to wait for my needles to arrive - need smoother dpns for lace knitting. I really never thought to need dpn to knit nearly a whole lace project, but that makes it even more interesting!

Alison said...

Charts! I usually will take the time to chart any written instructions.

Well, I have already started, months ago. Unfortunately, it got put down for other things, but I'm sort of glad it did because now I can join all you other wonderful people:) I'm using alpaca silk from Webs. This stuff comes in cones and is cabled, meaning that it's actually a four plied yarn made of two 2-plies. Basically, I'm unplying it to just a two-ply. Yes, it's a pain in the backside, but I love how it's working up.

Mienna said...

Whoa! That's a stunning stole, I can't wait to see it done in some different colors. It's a bit (ok... a lot) above my head, but I'll certainly keep an eye on y'alls progress.

Rebekah said...

I like both, however I've only ever encountered one patter where a chart was given that I opted to do the written out instructions. I just didn't understand the author of the chart's directions. So it was easier to do written instructions.

Julia said...

I like charts, now that I've tried it. Before I was pretty intimdated, but it wasn't too hard to get used to. :) Question for the group- have you seen this stole done in varigated or fuzzy yarn? I have some Kid Marino that I was thinking of using, but didn't know if the color or fluff would detract too much from the pattern.

Debi- BTW you don't have my URL listed... it's (if you'd like to add it). :)

Meg said...

I have to agree, charts are the way to go! But I am too impatient to take the time to chart a pattern that is not already charted, I'll just suffer along with the words in that case!
I have a few things clamouring for attention in the WIP basket at the moment, so I'm trying to be disciplined and wait till 1st Feb to cast on - it's a struggle though! The yarn (Misti Alpaca) seems to be calling my name from the stash!

alltangledup said...

i like charts and words. Sometimes, you need one to interpret the other. Swatch? does one really need to swatch for this project? surely we should jump in head first and hope for the best ;@)

Debi said...

All done Julia! :)

You're such a wise guy Polly!! I really meant swatch to see how your color choice works up (am I the only one using a varigated yarn?) to see what size/type needles you prefer and/or to do a dry run on the patterns. Of course (and happily!) shawls are one of the only items for which swatching is *optional* :)

Melissa said...

Charts all the way!! I would prefer if there were no written words in my patterns. I'll chart out everything just so I don't have to read the instructions.

I already started this. Twice! I decided I wasn't happy with the width as written, so I'm making mine smaller. Once I get some more knit up I'll post a picture. I've been working on another shawl that really needs finishing before I get back to the Forest Path.

Anonymous said...

once I got used to reading charts I couldn't knit from a written lace pattern ..silly hey ?

Denise/CT said...

Charts for me. I too like to be able to see the pattern and check how it all lines up. A good safety net while knitting.
I'm waiting on cashmere from Colourmart UK. It should be on the boat soon, if not already. I will swatch as I ordered the lace weight yarn and may need to knit it two strands.
You haven't heard much from me because we're launching TWO "gut and rebuild" bathroom projects. I'm trying to get everything ordered so that I can start the stole-a-long on time. That is IF my yarn arrives.

Kris said...

Charts are da bomb! I was terrified of them for the first year or so of my knitting life. Once I figured them out I never wanted to go back.

Agnes said...

I knitted Ella (from Knitty), Kiri and Birch (there is no chart) from written instructions. But once I got used to it and had the right tools (the magnetic board and book stand), chart reading is a breeze. As Debi said, the lace patterns of this stole are actually not complicated at all, so I think I'd stick to the charts. I have actually blown up the sizes of the charts a bit for much more easy reading.