Thursday, March 29, 2007

WOW, lot's of news this week!!

Laura's got a great beginning. See?

She's decided she wants to do only two lace patterns on her stole but can't decide which two! Any suggestions for Laura?

Leslie is still busy practicing her lace units but she has begun her border.....use that new camera and show us some pics Leslie!! Leslie was also kind enough to let everyone know that The Alpaca Yarn Company now has an errata page for the FPS and will send out the corrections to anyone who's purchased the pattern! Thanks for letting us know Leslie!

After a pretty difficult beginning, Melanie has made some decent progress!

She admits she's been distracted by some other knitting projects but now she's a knitter with a *plan* so we should all see lots more FPS from Melanie!

Nancy has finally cast on too! Look at her lovely blue alpaca...

This is Nancy's travel and summer project (brave girl!) so she should have lots more to show us soon! And if you want to see some brilliant color and beautiful pics go have a gander at her lovely garden and her stunning quilt!

Talk about a close call! Opal accidently pulled a DPN out of one of her Lily of the Valley lace units!!

Luckily, she was able to jump in and rescue the escaping stitches before disaster struck! Be careful Opal, that stole is too pretty to lose!

Our Regina's been a busy woman! Not only did she celebrate a birthday and was wined and dined by a handsome gent, she still found time for her FPS! Look...

Hope your birthday was as lovely as your FPS is! Happy Birthday Regina!

Rochelle has been a busy bee! Look at her progress.....

She's already up to tier 15 and it's a beauty! Wow, nice job Rochelle! Rochelle is pretty close to finishing but she is thinking of doing less tiers because she feels the stole will be too big as written - is anyone else having the same thoughts?

Valerie too is finding her stole is coming out quite big! She's in the middle of tier 18 and she's thinking of stopping at tier 19 for a length that works for her. Her stole is just stunning....

at any length!

Can't wait to see it stretched out a bit and I know you're thrilled to be *this close* to the finish line!

Whew, my group has been very busy this week! Keep up the good work ladies, y'all all are my inspiration! See ya next week!

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