Tuesday, March 13, 2007

It's been quiet lately

Another week, ladies! It has been quite a quiet week mostly because, I think, for those of us who have started, we've gotten into our own rhythm and kept knitting along; while for those who haven't even started, well, just remember to give me and Debi a shout if you do so that the group can cheer for you. :)

First of all, let me introduce another new member to the group. Blogless Amy is going to use Zephyr in Basil for the project. She is feeling excited about this project not only because it is gorgeous, but also it is her first project using laceweight yarns. She has made a Charlotte's Web Shawl using Koigu. I think you'll just need some time to get used to the laceweight, afterwards, it would just be like knitting any other weight yarns, Amy. Perhaps the best to get the hang of laceweight yarn is to swatch ... this way you can get to know what needles you like best too. Welcome to the fun, Amy!

Dawn found that she just couldn't work in the evening because the colour of the yarn is too close to that of the needles. So, she can only work every other weekend. But she is already onto Tier 5:

After reading last week's Tuesday update, Denise wondered if the calling for 2 different sizes of needles was once again the result of the difference between the magazine pattern and the individual pattern. Anyone knows? She hasn't started her stole yet as she is now enjoying a 10-day spring break in Florida ... with 5 college-aged kids!!!!! (One exclamation mark for each kid ... hahaha ...) She would be doing some needle hunting there too.

Poor Heather! After finishing Tier 4 and some hand blocking, she finally decided that the lace patterns won't pop out with the stripy colourway. So, all those efforts in the last 4 weeks were now put into the frog pond. {{{HUGS}}} She is now waiting for the new yarn in the Campfire colourway to arrive.

I think all of us have our own nemesis in lace patterns. For many, the lily of the valley lace is the first on the list because of the nupps. But for Janine, it is the birch leaf lace ... for some mysterious reason, she just couldn't get the decreases to line up correctly. So, she kicked it out of her stole and just knits the fern and lily of the valley. Interestingly enough, I don't like the birch leaf pattern either ... but not so much as to completely abandon it. :)

Kathy has returned and is about to start Tier One! Yay!

After messing around with other projects for a week, I finally returned to my black stole and am moving onto Tier 12. Since I bet you won't see the difference between a photo showing the stole at Tier 10 and one showing Tier 12, I spare you that one! I would be working on it mainly the following 2 weeks and hope to get more done.


regiknits said...

Hi, my name is Regina and I just joined. I too don't like the birch leaf. For some reason I find it the most challenging of all of the lace patterns and not in a good way. So far the only block I've had to frog (twice) was birch leaf.

alltangledup said...

am I the only one that Loves the birch leaf? It just looks intuitive!

OK I also have a gripe about the left triangle in the odd tier.. is it me not slipping the stitch properly? I'm finding the slipped edge on the border to be 'tight' so I think that it won't block as uniformly. I'm so annoyed I should had ripped it earlier but I have done 2 squares since then. must sleep on it before deciding if it'll stay or go

Kathy said...

I like the birch leaf, hate the nupps and I am back in the frog pond.

Heather said...

I hate the birch leafs too. I can get it to work out, but I always forget the knits on the purl side. I don't mind the lily-of-the-valley now-in fact I think I experienced a thrill last week when I finished a whole LOV without having to frog ANY rows! I've got the FPS started now in a white zephyr and I think I am making good progress. Day 2 of it, and I am about to do the right side triangle and move into tier one. I am waiting anxiously for my campfire yarn so I can get it started too!