Thursday, March 08, 2007

Despite Gateway's best efforts, I'm back :)

And I'm here with lots of updates and progress pics!

Kris was having serious nupp issues until she discovered the *perfect* needle, and right in her own online store stock too! Viva le Inox Gray and viva Sonny and Shear! It should be much smoother sailing for Kris from now on!

If you want to read a great post about the love/hate feelings that the FPS elicits, go give
Meg a read....she's made it to tier 2 and has some wonderful opinions to share.

After a rocky start with a pattern rife with errata,
Melanie has finally ironed out all her issues and she and her FPS have fallen back in love! She's gotten thru her first tier and she's rocking the knit this time around! Look....

Have a gander at the yummy green Melissa is using for her FPS!

Her yarn is delicious but she's having a bit of angst over how long term a project the FPS is....does anyone else have any suggestions for keeping the project "fresh and new"? I suggested managing 2 tiers a week would get the stole done in about 3 months and for me, that's very do-able....anyone else have others tips to add?

Opal's finally finished her Hidcote shawl and it's stunning! Can the FPS be far behind? I wonder what yarn she'll choose, she seems to be a real Zephyr fan!

Looks like
Peggy got those needles cause she's already on tier #4. Here's a pic from tier #3....
She's another one with that ole love/hate thing going on....she's worried all the shawl "irregularities" wont disappear when the stole is blocked. Let's all reassure her about the *magic* of blocking when it comes to lace!

We have a new member to our group.....go meet
Regina! She's still waiting on her yarn to arrive but her pattern has made it's appearance (make sure to read about all the problems in the posts here to save yourself some serious angst grrlfriend!) She sure does have some pretty knitting on her blog so go make her welcome and say hello!

Even tho it looks like an unrecognizable blob, Valerie has made it to tier 13!!! WOO HOO Valerie, well done!

Can't wait to see that *blob* after a good blocking!

And last but not least,
your fearless group leader, aka me! finally has some progress shots and a yarn that's a keeper (thank all things holy!) Have a peek:

It's Jaggerspun Zephyr in Juniper which is a lovely bluish green that reminds me of blue spruce Christmas trees! I love knitting with the zephyr and the color is just perfect!

Sorry for missing the update last week but things seem to be back to "useable" again so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Have a lovely, knitterly week everyone, see ya next Thursday!


Agnes said...

Oh oh oh ... all the colours are soooo beautiful! I'm not sure if I can get 2 tiers done a week since it seems I kept being sidetracked by other projects. But I sure hope I'll get back to the stole the coming weekend.

Vicki said...

They are all looking great! Reading all of the love hate going on with this stole, I am glad I was honest about my hate for my yarn and didn't continue. Good luck everyone.

LoriAngela said...

Trying to leave a comment to thank you for the encouragement. I hope to soon be casting on for my own FPS

LoriAngela said...

OK I got in.
I want to thank you for the great encouragement. The FPS has been on my project list since it was published and I bought the wool two summers ago. If I can get throught the projects I've committed to, I hope to cast on for our summer trip to Scotland.
Perhaps a workshop on Market Square Bag at my LYS in in order.

Kathy said...

I'm Back!

Finished the base triangles and am now on tier one. Pictures to be coming soon.