Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is it Spring Fever?

Seems like everyone in Knitbloglandia is having a busy, busy Spring cause only TWO members of my group have updates this week!!

But oh what updates they are!

Opal has finally started her FPS and she's totally in love with it! She's using Zephyr in a stunning bottle green....Look at this beauty!

She's already past tier 4! Go, Opal, go!

Polly has another beautiful example of a black FPS cause Polly's using black Zephyr just like Agnes.

She's already on tier 2 and her knitting looks lovely but she still thinks the Lily of the Valley pattern is the enemy, hehe!

Everybody else seems to be knitting but either not the on the FPS, no pics or they haven't posted on their blogs in a while. I hope everyone is still enjoying the FPS and let's hope we can have some more updates for next week!

Have a great week and don't let the Spring Fever get ya!


Opal said...

Lily of the Valley is very nearly the Enemy. All those silly nupps are determined to drive me crazy! They need a lot of patience.

vicki said...

The stoles are looking wonderful. I know I dropped out but I am so tempted to buy more yarn and try again. Everyone is doing such a wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

ERRATA alert!

I purchased my pattern from the Alpaca company and today received an errata in my email. Thought I would mention it in case anybody who bought the pattern didn't receive it. If you didn't, email the Alpaca Yarn Co and they will send you a copy.

I have my yarn here, my pattern, and now the corrections. I wish I had the motivation! Everyone's work is so lovely.

Leslie said...

The errata can be found on their web site now -

I will tell you, however that the one I received in email had clearer instructions for doing EZ's sewn bind-off which is not mentioned at all on the web site.

I mentioned this in my blog today but wanted to make sure you all knew - I see Ms. Anony Mous beat me to it :D

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