Wednesday, March 21, 2007

No, I haven't lost my internet access

... and my computers are working fine. Only that the husband suddenly had a back pain yesterday afternoon, the usual time I have for posting, and decided to work from home. The laptop he used for work is, unfortunately, where I stored the updates! Really sorry about the delay. So, let's jump right into this week's update, shall we?

How about starting with moi this week? I devoted the whole week to knitting the stole last week and made significant progress:
I am pretty excited, you know ... from Tier 12 to Tier 16! I just have about one third to go before the border, which I anticipate to be rather boring! :D

I know someone else was extremely excited the last week too. Guess who?
Heather restarted the project using a cream/vanilla yarn and we can all see the beautiful lace patterns even without any "hand blocking"! She has close-up shots of each pattern on her blog. If I am reading her correctly, she is planning to make TWO Forest Path Stoles! Woo!

So, remember Denise who is on vacation in Florida with 5 kids? She is still having her sanity intact ... hehehe ... But can you believe it? She brought along the cone of yarn and the pattern with her! We'll see how she was doing after St. Patrick's Day.

Despite some frogging due to inattention due to familiarity with the pattern, Dorothy made it to Tier 10. Look at this pretty pink lady:
The element of monotony does set in with such a big project. This is also why I would put the project down for a while once I made good progress. This way, when I pick it up again, I kind of having to get familiar with the patterns again.

Janine is already on Tier 3:
Do you like how her modified version turns out? I think it is neat!

Kathy came to a realization at 10pm one night that she was not knitting the stole in the right colour! So, the green version was in the frog pond and she would be making a cream-coloured one ... the perfect colour for a masterpiece lace. I hope we would have a chance to see the new project soon.

Katrina is 1/3 of the way:
From time to time, she needs to move on to something less brain intensive ... exactly how I feel!

I haven't heard from Janina for a week and it turned out she has lost her internet connection. During this time, she has done some "soul searching" concerning lace knitting. She conceded that having more than one lace project on the needles is something too much for her as a beginner lace knitter. She decided to focus her attention on the Swallowtail Shawl and put a delay on FPS. One very important thing as a knitter is learn to listen to that "little voice" within us. Let's wish her good luck with her Swallowtail Shawl ... which she wants to wear in June.

So, that's all about it for this week. I would try to be punctual next week! ;)


Debi said...

Agnes!! You've done so much! WOW!
All your stoles look fabulous ladies, seeing them has inspired me to actually pick up mine :)

KnitSanity said...
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KnitSanity said...

All of your stoles look beautiful. I still haven't gotten over my ADD seeing your amazing progress is making me want to start working on mine again.

Agnes, if I weren’t so far along I would restart it in black. I love your stole!


Agnes said...

Colette, you can make another one ... just like Katrina and Heather! :)
Knitting with the black Zephyr hasn't been a big problem for me ... I actually have most of the work done in the evening ... and I don't have an Ott Lite which I'd love to have one. I hope knitting black lace under the yellow light of a simple floor lamp won't do too much damage to my eyes. :)