Thursday, March 15, 2007

Ennui reigns in blogland but not here!

Except of course for me! Nothing much to show from yours truly, I've just started tier 3 and it looks pretty much like my last pic so I'll spare you the excitement :)

Opal's finally started but no pics - poor Opal, it's a dark day in Paradise Hawaii so no pics for us yet! She is doing well tho cause she's already on her third tier too! Can't wait to see some pics next week!!

Peggy has found a way to make her FPS knitting less painful! It's working cause she's on tier 5! For those of you having difficulties following the charts, go pay Peggy a visit, I highly recommend her solution!

There are finally flowers in
Polly's part of the UK!! No it's not an early spring, she's started her FPS! She's using pretty zephyr in black.

I know you're praying for uncharacteristically sunny days in England so you can see your FPS Polly!

Our newest "team" member
Regina, has made a great showing, just look at her lovely stole.

She's using yummy cashmere in a colorway called Lemongrass and she's already on tier 3. Way to go, Regina!

Rochelle's stole from a few weeks ago

She's even further along now, she's started tier 11!

Thus ends this week's installment of As the Lace Knits!

Since there is so much green yarn around here we all must be *honorary* Irish so Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone! May the Zephyr rise to meet you and your needle tips master every nupp! :)

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