Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Spring is a fickle lady

... at least in this part of the country where I live. Last week it was all sun and shine, then it rained yesterday and today windy and cool. But perhaps we all have a spring lady in us ... flying from one project to another ... :) The update this week would be short. But first of all, let's welcome another new comer ... Cheryl of Diva Knitting. She would be using yarns from Alpaca Yarn Company ... details to be decided.

Anita is having a good start with the project:
While you are reading this, I think she is well into Tier 4. Oh, she told me she was getting really good at knitting backwards. ;)

Dawn had a struggling moment choosing between FPS and Persian Poppy Waist Coat, a colourwork project. For this round, lace lost to colourwork. But I am sure she would pick up the stole very soon.

Heather found that she was progressing much better in her second attempt of the project. She is now halfway through Tier 4.

I put down the stole for a week to finish a pair of socks. Now that the socks are done, I am all ready for my lace again.

See you next week!

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