Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Proudly marching into the 3rd month

Yep ... no matter what stage you are in, feel proud because you are making something gorgeous! *grin*

Yet another new knitter joining ... let's welcome blogless Deb. She hasn't given me much detail about her plan yet, but I'll let you know once I get anything.

This past week has been bubbling with activities among us. Before leaving for vacation, Cheryl has a brief moment of being lost ... which side is the RS and which is the WS? Luckily, all were sorted out now. For those of you who haven't started yet, one way to avoid this confusion is to pin a tiny pin on the RS of the border as a reminder ... this is what I did.

Something exciting in chez Colette ... she has finished knitting the body of the stole! Woo hoo! Here is a close-up shot:
You can see another shot of the whole stole on her blog. You are an inspiration, Colette!

Dawn is now on Tier 7. The light yarn on light needle is still a woe to her. Besides, she is considering whether to make 19 tiers or 21 tiers:

Denise is back from the gorgeous weather in Florida. She has just completed the base triangles ... this is a big leap because everyone would be eager to have these done so that they can jump into the beautiful lace! However, the FPS isn't the only big project on Denise's hands ... she is taking a 2-socks-on-2-circulars class and the huge project of remodelling her home! Good luck, Denise!

Heather is one crazy girl! Why? She is having 2 FPS on the needles ... AT THE SAME TIME! She is farther on the white one than the maple leaf one ... Tier 5. When she finishes the white one, there will be a happy lucky bride ... because this one is going to be a wedding gift.

Both Dorothy and Katrina are now halfway done. Katrina is hoping that the second half would go faster because she has memorized the patterns already. Don't worry, Katrina, that is exactly what is going to happen. ;)

Lastly, I have been pushing really hard on the stole too. Right now, I still have 3 more rectangles to go and then I would be done with the body and moving into the top triangles!
I am really really loving this project!

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Debi said...

WOW these are all gorgeous!! I am so jealous of all that progress! :)