Friday, April 20, 2007

After restraining her need to light her FPS on fire, Kris has made it to tier 3! Look at how pretty her stole is......

I think it's so interesting how Kris' yarn is making each lace unit a different color - totally cool, right? Well done Kris!

(Agnes took over from here due to technical problem happening again in chez FluffyKnitterDeb.)

Laura finished the borders and ventured into the lacy tiers, thinking doing 2 tiers before the weekly update would be a reasonable goal ... instead she found herself engaged in Nupp Wrestling, which she thought should be a new item in Olympic Sports:
But the Lily of the Valley lace is soooo lovely!

Peggy is moving into the home stretch of Tier 16! 3 more and she would be doing the finishing border. Go and read about her opinion of Clover and Brittany needles in lace knitting.

Polly sets herself the goal of starting a sweater project when she reaches midway of FPS:
She is now on Tier 7.

Rebekah has finally finished with her baby gifts knitting, for the time being at least, and is able to work on her FPS.

Valerie hasn't had too much time to knit, but she managed to get lots of new yarns and new book. Her FPS is looking gorgeous too:

Congratulations to all you ladies! All your works are looking great.

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