Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hello again! Another week passed and here are this week's updates ... (and I have virtually run out of ideas for titles! hahaha ... )

Okay, it's a pretty slim report this week. First of all, I am done with the body of the stole and am marching into the border ... which is always a love-hate thing for me:
The feeling of "so close, yet so far away" is killing, you know. But after finishing the Monkey socks, I would go back and finish it!

I just heard from Anne M, who has been busy with lots of baby knits for the 4 new family members. The stocking stitch made her long for the lace ... and now she is on Tier 8.

Denise is still extremely busy with the home remodeling project. But she is going back to Florida later this week, hoping that she can have some quality knitting time on the plane. Right now, she has just finished the top triangles:
Don't be surprised if they don't look exactly like your top triangles because she used provisional cast on.

Finally, Heather is making steady progress of one tier a week ... she is on to Tier 6 now.


dawn said...

I intend working on my stole this weekend - trying to get to tier 10. Yours is looking lovely. I'm dreading the border, and if I'd thought about it I would have wound some yarn off the cone to knit some of the border as I go along.
Your stole is looking fabulous, I can't imagine knitting in a dark colour!


KnitSanity said...

As always, beautiful work Agnes!
I've been so busy lately that I haven't had much time to post. My stole is finished and now blocking. It was so much fun, I might just do another one. ;)

Happy knitting everyone!

Denise/CT said...

Oh My Gosh, a finished stole! and one soon to be finished by Agnes? Looks great Agnes. Love that black color. I'd better get in gear. I guess I spend too much time reading and not enough knitting. It's just I'm so tired at the end of a day, not much energy (read that brain power) to knit lace. AND now Dawn mentions the great idea of knitting the boarder as you go along. Duh, I could be doing that on those evenings that the brain isn't functioning, but like hers, my yarn is on a cone.