Thursday, April 12, 2007

So much for a mega update :)

Only two updates this week so I'll jump right in!

Meg has discovered the secret to make her FPS a more enjoyable knit - she's knitting backwards instead of turning each row! She's gotten to tier 5...

I love that beautiful eggplant color and your stole looks amazing Meg!!

"The Blob" as Peggy likes to refer to her FPS is coming along nicely!

She's on tier 13! Lucky woman :) She's a little worried about her stitch definition because of the fuzziness of the alpaca but let's all assure her of the miracle of blocking! No worries, Peggy, it will block out just fine!

Have a great week, knit lots and for those in the US, don't forget the dreaded tax man!! :)

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