Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Good things come in two

Hello everybody! I hope you all had an exciting weekend as I did! Before I tell you what the excitement was about, let's have a look at this week's updates.

New members keep coming in. This week, we welcome Katherine from New Zealand. She started the FPS project a couple of years ago and is taking her time working on it. Right now she is on Tier 14 ... 14! You are getting really close, Katherine ... keep going! She is using a pale blue mystery wool lace yarn she got from her LYS and she is very happy with it because it shows off the stitches very well:
3.25mm metal is her choice of needles and she employs a small needle size when it comes to the nupps. Right now, she is aiming for the full 23 tiers.

Cheryl is having a take two on the project. In her own words, it is "sucking the life right out of her" ... go here to read about why ... and offer her some support.

Dawn is gradually progressing and she is now at Tier 9:

Colette finally got her FPS blocked ... and boy! the sage green is so suitable for this project:

Well, as the title suggested, good things come in two. There is one more completed stole this week:
That's me! Yeah, I had been in an excited mood whole weekend because of it!

Well, that's it for this week. I hope the 2 FOs can serve as boosters to your knitting. :)


Denise/CT said...

WOW your stoles are beautiful! Such an inspiration to us all. I'm glad a few more have joined us. I don't feel so bad getting such a slow start out of the gate on this project. I'm still working on that first tier, but I'm workin'. Beautiful job ladies!!!
Perhaps you can recap what yarn, needles, and how many tiers you knit?

Debi said...

Just beautiful - all of them!
Agnes and Collette - YOU BOTH ROCK!! :)

MelissaM said...

Looking at all the Forest Path loveliness really makes me want to rethink my decision to frog. I may have to find a yarn I'm more in love with and try again!!! Beautiful work, ladies. I'm loving watching everyone's stoles progress.