Friday, February 01, 2008

It's been one year! (ETA)

February 1st! Today is our KAL's one year anniversary! I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in this KAL. Hosting a KAL was a new experience to me and I had the chance of meeting all you wonderful knitters who are also passionate for lace. :)

Back to this month's update. Not a lot is going on. Micky is still working and is on Tier 8. Just Me is on Tier 15. Lastly, Polly has picked up her black FPS again after a hiatus of 6 months.

Well, this project does take a lot of patience, so let's take the approach of one tier at a time ... gradually, it'll come along. Wish you all have great progess!

I just read Heather's blog update. She is still working hard on the stole and is on Tier 17. However, she ran into quite a serious problem ... she might not have enough to finish the stole and the colour she is using has been discontinued by KnitPicks. Read more about it here to see if you can help her out. Thank you.


Just Me said...

Knitpicks is shipping me 3 skeins of campfire heather! at least that's what they told me two days ago. YAY!

Anonymous said...
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